12 Memorable Things To Do In Vietnam Throughout The Year

Memorable Things To Do In Vietnam Throughout The Year – A World to Travel (2)

Vietnam is a beautiful country with lots of tourist attractions and food to offer. Let us take a look and determine what could be the best places to visit during the different seasons through the year.


1. January

Vietnam experiences the cold season during January. Northern provinces like Hanoi can be quite chilly, around 15 degrees Celsius. But you can still visit the Huong Pagoda, Halong Bay or Sapa, as the crowd will be quite less. But the best places to visit during this time are the central and southern regions like Hoi An and Saigon, the temperature somewhere between 20 and 30. You could also visit Nha Trang and Da Nang.


2. February

The temperature in the northern provinces like Hanoi would be somewhere around 20 at this time. Highland areas like Sapa would still be quite cool. Southern regions will be around 26 to 30. You could visit Hanoi and neighboring villages or Halong for a cruise. Other places that could be visited are Mai Chau, Moc Chau, Hoian or Phu Quoc. You could also offer to enjoy the Chua Hong festival or Lim festivals. The northern and southern provinces would also be a delight.


3. March

The best places to visit in March are Halong, Hanoi, Nha Trang, and Saigon. The northern provinces experience late spring during this time. You can visit the Perfume Pagoda, Pier Duc, Thien Tru Pagoda and others during this time of the year. The Dong Van stone Highland is also a perfect place to be visited at this time of the year, and so is the Lung Cu Flag Tower.



4. April

If you are visiting Vietnam in April, the country would be experiencing late spring or early summer at this time of the year and is considered a great time to tour the country. You could enjoy the Hung Kung’s festival at the Phong Chau District. The Chu Dong Tu Festival is another attraction in the Hung Yen province. You also should not miss the Le Mat Snake Festival, Whale festival or Elephant Race Festival.


5. May

Although May is not the best time for a visit to Vietnam, there are yet many wonderful places to make it wonderful. The first Mai Chau district in Hoa Binh province undergoes a pray for rain ceremony. This place is the best for nature lovers. Halong Bay is very beautiful at this time of the year. You could also visit Phong Nha and Nha Trang.


6. June

June is the time for the reign of summer and is not a good time for travels. You could visit Sapa or Mu Cang Chai at this time of the year. You could also visit Halong – here are a few great things to do in Halong Bay – or Tam Coc Bich Dong. You could even try visiting Danang, Phu Quoc, and Con Dao. The marine tours are the best during this time of the year.


7. July

July is the best time of the year to enjoy the tropical forests, the mountain ranges and the beautiful nature in Vietnam. The first place of choice is the Bac Can, with its charm and the beautiful Ba Be lake. Quan Lan is another place of interest and so is Da Lat in the Langbian plateau. You can also visit the floating markets of Can Tho.


8. August

The north experiences summer while the South is having the rainy season at this time of the year. Summer typhoons frequent this time. Cao Bang and its grandeur surrounded by mountains, rivers, and springs are to be enjoyed at this time. It is also the perfect time of the year to visit Hanoi. Hue, located on one of the most romantic rivers and a UNESCO Heritage Site, is another place to have a good look at this time of the year.


9. September

The tourism season re-commences in Vietnam with September. Hanoi is experiencing autumn and is spreading its beauty at this time of the year. Hoi An can also be visited which has a mix of both the old and new, a lavishness of exquisite architecture with normal lives of the people. You could also visit the Mekong Delta with the beautiful landscapes and fruit orchards.


10. October

October is among one of the best times to visit Vietnam. Hanoi goes through important celebrations at this time of the year. You could also turn your gaze to Mu Cang Chai. Ha Giang is also one of the most beautiful places to be visited around October. You can also go to Can Tho, other than Sapa or Hue.


11. November

For international tourists, November is one of the most delightful times in Vietnam when you can enjoy the beauty of Moc Chau.You can also enjoy the beauty of provinces like Lao Cai, Cao Bang and Ha Giang at this time. You should also visit Hoi An as well as Hanoi at this time of the year.


12. December

The climate is mild in December with the cold returning slowly. You can enjoy Christmas celebrations in Vietnam during this time. The Ha Long Bay is an attraction. You could also take your tour around Da Nang at this time of the year. Hoi An, Hue and Ho Chi Minh city should attract your attention during this time of the year.


As already mentioned, Vietnam can be visited at any time of the year with different tourist sites to offer all around the beautiful country. Come to Vietnam and enjoy the time of your life.