6 Things To Do In Stockholm On A Budget

When it comes to touring Europe, it’s common knowledge that Stockholm – and all the Scandinavian cities – are among the most expensive. But is it possible to visit them on a budget and yet still see the sights? The answer is yes. Here are some interesting things to do in Stockholm on a budget.


Gamla Stan

Let’s start with something that’s free. Gamla Stan is the Old Town of Stockholm and a beautiful part of the city. Segregated on its own little island, you can wander the streets, visit the famous Stortorget square and enjoy this slice of Swedish culture.

The Nobel Prize Museum

Whilst you’re in Gamla Stan, you might as well visit the Nobel Prize Museum. Located in Stortorget, the Museum costs 100 SEK entry (just over €10), however, between 5pm and 8pm on Tuesday, entry is free. Guided tours of the museum are free and run regularly throughout the day.

Stockholm City Hall

Another free attraction, you can visit the City Hall and explore it for free. Guided tours of the building are available at for 100 SEK during peak season. But if you do want to save on the cash, a tour isn’t necessary. The building is an open square shape and so you can walk right through into the middle and down to the water on the other side.


Nordiska Museum

For an additional 100 SEK, the Nordiska Museet is the place to go. 500 years of Swedish history all under one roof. The museum offers free audio guides, exhibitions and a true insight into Swedish cultural traditions.


Vasa Museum

Whilst you’re visiting the Nordiska Museum, it’s worth popping round the corner and visiting the Vasa Museum. A little more on the pricey side, you can visit the 17th century wooden warship for 130 SEK – about €13.50.


Stockholm Royal Palace

Despite the Palace costing 180 SEK (just short of €19) to get into, the sights can be enjoyed for free. Including a photo with the palace guards. You can walk right up to the main gate and tour the outside of the building free of charge.

Stockholm is an amazing city full of so much life. Despite being a fairly expensive place to visit, it’s easy to save a bit here and there when it comes to choosing your activities. The grand total spent on this trip comes to 330 SEK, an affordable €35.

The author, Natasha, is a German-born Brit with a love for the unusual and a thirst for culture. Natasha loves to explore in her writing at natashaorme.com and experiment with different styles. She is a book addict and a petrol head.

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  1. Katrin

    Nice sights you have chosen! I’d like to add something though. Nordiska Museet and Vasa Museet are situated at Djurgården, reached by a bridge. When you are at the museums, take a stroll out on Djurgården, past Skansen (the outdoor museum) and all the way out to Waldemars Udde, where prince Eugen lived. Then stroll back through the garden of Rosendal (where there is a cafe in the green house) and then along the canal back to the bridge.

  2. Jollies and Jaunts

    Stockholm is such an expensive city, I didn’t realise just how expensive until I got there! We also went on a boat trip to one of the islands of the archipelago and had a wander around – using one of the ferries rather a tourist ot sightseeing boat – that’s a cheapish thing to do that I’d definitely recommend.

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