Destination Relaxation – 4 Things To Do In Omaha Nebraska

Things To Do In Omaha Nebraska – A World to Travel (6)

It is getting harder to relax nowadays. With the speed of life being such a fast pace, the number of responsibilities we have taken on, and technology keeping us connected at all hours, the amount of time we have left over to unwind and enjoy life is diminishing quickly. Many people have to work more than the standard 40-hour work week while others have to hold down two or more jobs to make ends meet. Hobbies become lost in the shuffle, hanging out with friends has to be scheduled three months in advance. There is no time for spontaneity and even less time for family.

This is why it is so important to get away from it all. Everybody needs a break from the hustle and bustle of life to just enjoy themselves once in a while. Taking a week-long vacation is the preferred amount of time for a break, but even a day trip every so often can help you relax and bring some fun back into your life.

A great destination to visit is one you would not expect. Usually, you would think of Hawaii, New Zealand, or Greece for a getaway, but there is someplace even closer; a place that is centrally located within the United States, making it easily accessible to most of us, and a place that is far cheaper than these dream destinations.

Nebraska is an unassuming state for tourism, Omaha even more so, but the city has many great qualities that will allow you to not only have fun but also help you relax while you are there. There are some wonderful attractions to see and experience whether you visit on your own, travel with a significant other, or you bring your entire family. So plan your trip to this quiet neck of the Midwest with the following things to do in Omaha Nebraska. You may love the relaxed lifestyle so much, you might just decide to relocate.

SAC Museum

Omaha has many museums dedicated to the arts, history, and science, but there is one that combines them all: the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum. Here, you can find not only artwork and recreations of American flight over the centuries but you will also find actual examples of them as well. Retired military-model aircraft and rockets are on display, several of them in the midst of being restored to their original appearances. Exhibits are dedicated to both the machines and the men who flew them, ranging from World War II to the Cold War to the Vietnam War. It even hosts an exhibit dedicated to the women who have piloted aircraft over the last century.

Omaha Craft Brewery Tour

This one is for the adults! Relax by taking a tour of the city’s breweries. The beer you can sample from each of the nine different breweries are locally brewed from more traditional means; you will see little of the mass-produced processes more common among the larger beer brewers. If you have a taste for beer and want to taste some new varieties you’ve probably never heard of, then here is your opportunity to enjoy some new flavors. This tour is one you won’t want to miss when visiting Omaha.

The Old Market

A great place to relax and wander around, the Old Market is a historical area of Omaha reminiscent of Early American cities. It is a stretch of tightly-packed, multi-leveled buildings with the bottom layers full of quaint shops and small restaurants. Take your time exploring the hidden wonders within these squeezed-in stores. Enjoy a meal from the vast variety of local and worldly cuisine represented in such a packed area. You will even get to enjoy more of the beer you tasted during your tour of the breweries. All while listening to the performances of the street musicians.

Joslyn Castle

This mansion was designed after the castles of European fame. Built in 1903, the castle was home to George and Sarah Joslyn. Now it is a historical landmark that Nebraskans and visitors can tour. Get a sense of the past as you learn how the Joslyns became millionaires through the newspaper business. And also, see how the wealthy lived at the turn of the (20th) century. With a pond and botanical garden on the grounds, a tour of the estate can help you slow down and relax for a while.