7 Cool Things To Do In Kas

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Kas is a lovely little town along the Mediterranean coast in the south of Turkey. It has charmed the hearts of many a tourist with its adorable cobblestone streets lined with restaurants and houses with Bougainvillea flowers spilling out from balconies. 

Here’s our list of the best things to do in Kas, Turkey. Get ready to have some fun!

1. Set Sail on a Mediterranean Blue Cruise

This is the perfect set off point for a Kas Antalya Blue Cruise  which gives you the opportunity to hit all the highlights of the Turkish coastline in a compact cruise. Sailing on a traditional Turkish gulet can easily prove to be one of the highlights of any Turkey vacation. Blue cruises are known to attract some of the most fun travelers in Turkey and can satisfy all of your adventure and party needs.

Blue cruises create a perfect balance of on and off land adventures, giving you plenty of chances to snorkel and swim in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, while still getting on land to see some of the best historical and cultural sites along the Turkish coastline.


2. Bar Street – Football Bars

In the evenings, come to the main square where everyone meets to sit down for a drink and conversation at one of the many bars or sit along the harbor and enjoy the view. Later in the night venture up the lanes of bars where the music is pumping and people are dancing the night away. Be sure to head up to one of the many rooftop bars for a beautiful night view of the town and harbor.

If you are a football fan, check out the street of football bars showing the matches on large screen TVs all evening.


3. Shop Downtown

Kas is known for being an excellent destination for souvenir shopping. Walk along any of the cobblestone lanes winding about town and discover beautiful locally made jewelry, crafts and bags.

Additionally, check out the Friday market where tourists and locals all flock to for cheap clothes, knock-offs, loads of Turkish treats and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Kas Turkey


4. Nearby Aquarium Bay

A short distance away from Kas is the glittery bay that is rightfully named for its myriad of fish specimens. The bay is located between two islands, giving the impression of a lagoon. This is a great spot for swimming and sunbathing and simply soaking in the natural beauty.

Kas Cruises stop in this area as part of the blue cruises and give you a chance to strap on the snorkel gear and seek out clownsfish, damselfish, octopus, bright orange sponges and any variety of sea life. With waters this clear and beautiful, snorkeling is truly a treat as you can see straight down to the bottom.


5. Day Trip to Greece

One of the coolest things about Kas is that the Greek island of Meis is literally about 1km away. It’s about a 20 minutes by boat which creates the perfect opportunity to go Greek for a day. A very small and relatively untouched island, Meis provides just the right amount of local Greek culture and great places to swim, indulge in Greek cuisine, and of course relax!

Be sure to venture to the Blue Cave with its very small entrance that leads into a cave with glistening blue walls, reflections of the crystal clear waters. It is truly a work of Mother Nature.


6. Kaputas Beach

Located approximately 18km from Kas, this beach is a gem. Tucked into a mountain cove, it is easily one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Check out the mountain fresh water spilling into the sea as two gorgeous blue hues unite into one.

Kaputas is easily accessible by domus (minibuses) from the Kas bus station, but the area is quite remote so be sure to bring along any snacks and sun gear you need for the day.


7. The Old Amphitheater in Kas

A pleasant stroll just out of the center of town past the hospital you will find this amphitheater. It’s in excellent condition and there are still concerts held here in the summer. Try going there at night when it is lit up for an extra special viewing.


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