10 Awesome Things To Do In Byron Bay

Awesome things to do in Byron Bay NSW Australia – A World to Travel (4)

Bryon Bay, on the northernmost part of New South Wales Australia, lays claim to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With an almost perfect weather, all year round( summer temperatures averaging and winter) visitors to this scenic town can enjoy a lot of outdoor fun activities no matter what time of the year it is, making Bryon Bay NSW the perfect destination for holidays.

Taking a brief stroll down the little bohemian town, your eyes are sure to get a delectable feast of the rich and varied lifestyle in the Bay, from the hippies through to the surf community and to the largest group which are the backpackers, Bryon Bay offers a unique blend of cultural diversity that speaks to its nomadic roots.

What are the top things you can do for fun in Bryon bay? There are just so many cool things you can do for fun in this scenic town, but we’ve decided to narrow it down and make the choice easier for you, by selecting the top 10 cool things to do in Bryon Bay NSW, that make it the perfect tourist destination.

1. The lighthouse view

From the top of Bryon bays famous lighthouse located on Australia’s most easterly point, you can watch the sun as it rises over the town of Bryon Bay the dolphins as they. At night the golden beams from the lighthouse cast a mysterious glow over the town and offer you the most enchanting view of the Bay.

The walk from the town to the lighthouse is 45 minutes to and from which makes it a good hiking opportunity, only make sure to pack enough essentials to last you for the trip.

2. Explore the awesome beaches

Apart from Bryon Bay’s Main beach, Cozy corner, Clarkes beach, The Pass, and Watego; there are a lot of other little beaches that you can explore to your heart’s content. These are some of the most known, but it is up to you to complete this list getting lost along the coast as many other hidden gems await!

And while doing so, you can engage with one or two locals as well and get a better feel for the culture of the town. We have found that, all over the world, people are usually happy to talk. Especially in environments where stress is marginal such as small towns by the coast. And that’s indeed the case of Byron Bay!

3. Break out your surfing gear

One of the most amazing things about Bryon Bay beaches is that you can find the perfect beach to surf in for any level of surfing experience.

If you are an expert surfer then head for The Pass which is one of the best surfing beaches in Australia. If you feel up to braving more strong currents then the perfect beach for you is Tallow beach which spans all the way from Cozy corner to Suffolk Park. For a beginner, the best spots to practice your surfing would be Main beach and Clarke’s beach.

4. Go kayaking next to dolphins

Kayaking through the waters of Cape Bryon Park you are sure to have some dolphin guests swimming alongside to keep you company, in fact, if your vacation falls between the months of May and October, you could get lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the humpbacked whale!

5. Explore the local markets

Bryon’s bay has a large variety of markets selling locally made and unique to the town goods for tourists, and you can pick some quaint souvenirs to take back with you, from any of them. Find a place to stay in Byron Bay near the city center and you will be able to have breakfast or brunch in a different one every day. 

Byron Community Market, Bangalow, the Artisan Market and the Farmers Market that takes place every Thursday on Butler street are a nice selection to get you started.

6. Take part in the numerous festivals

No matter what time of the year it is, there are always events and activities to keep you highly entertained in Bryon Bay. Here’re our top festival picks for the upcoming year:

  • Summer: The Falls Music & Art Festival, Starlight Festival, and Byron Bay Surf Festival
  • Fall: Bluefest Byron Bay and Byron Bay Tri & Multisport Festival and 
  • Winter: Byron Writers Festival, Splendour in the Grass, Bangalow BBQ & Bluegrass Festival, and Sample Food Festival
  • Spring: The Byron Bay Guitar Festival, Byron Bay International Film Festival, Byron Latin Fiesta, Unity Earth Fields of Healing, and Mullum Music Festival

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7. Hit the coolest nightspots and party away

There are lots and lots of night pubs and clubs in this small town to keep your partying self, busy.

Here’re some names to get you started: Byron Bay Brewing Co, Woody’s surf shack, La La Land lounge bar and club, and The Rails – aka. The Railway Friendly Bar.

8. Go scuba-diving or snorkeling

Cape Byron and Julian Rocks Marine Reserve in Bryon Bay are a couple of great places to scuba dive whether you are a learner, a certified diver or you just want a snorkel tour. If you are lucky, you can spot grey nurse sharks and many other species.

Finally, if budget is not an issue, Byron Bay is also an excellent place to get diving certifications, instructor courses, and divemaster training preparations.

9. Take a trip to the hinterlands

If you feel you’ve enjoyed the best of what Bryon Bay has to offer and you need some more adventure, then plan a day trip to Bryon Bays amazing hinterlands and watch the Minyon Falls, just be careful to watch out for the large goannas and the snakes.

10. Get the perfect massage

After a day spent hiking and trailing the beach, its time to hit the massage parlors for some professional attention and a little crystal healing.

Oh lest I forget, if after doing all the above fun activities, you still feel up for some more adventure, you can hire an electric bike and have fun cruising around this beautiful town to get a better feel for the bohemian culture.

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