20 Awesome Things to Do in Asia

20 Things to Do in Asia – A World to Travel

With 48 countries, over 60 percent of the world’s population, and thousands of years of history, Asia is an amazing continent. From the bustling hawker stalls of Penang to the shining skyscrapers of Hong Kong, your senses will be delighted at every turn. Try these must-do activities on your next trip:

1. Armenia

Explore the History Museum of Armenia, where you can learn about this country’s proud story.

2. Bahrain

Make the trip to Al Fateh Grand Mosque, the country’s spiritual center.

3. Bangladesh

See the moving exhibits at the Liberation War Museum.

4. Bhutan


Have you ever seen a Buddhist temple clinging to a cliff? That’s just part of what makes Paro Taksang so spectacular.

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5. Cambodia

Go to Siem Reap and explore the ruins of Angkor Wat. It’s one of the greatest sights in the world.

6. China

There’s so much to choose from in such a vast country, but you can’t go wrong with the Great Wall.

7. Georgia

Visit Narikala, the ancient fortress overlooking Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. A road trip through Georgia is also a great idea.

8. India

You can’t miss the Taj Mahal.

9. Indonesia

Chill on the pristine beaches of Bali and forget your worries.

10. Israel

Take in the majestic Sea of Galilee and explore the country on a 10-day road trip.

11. Japan

Head to the top of the Tokyo Skytree and marvel at the sheer size of one of the world’s biggest cities.

12. Kuwait

Snap photos of the Kuwait Towers, a splendid symbol of the country’s modernity. Read our Kuwait travel tips for beginners.

13. Laos

Rent a motorbike in the capital Vientiane and whirl through the city to soak up the sights and sounds before feasting on its food. Check our Laos travel guide.

14. Lebanon

Row through the magical limestone caves of the Jeita Grotto and spend one week road tripping the country.

15. Malaysia

Take a picture of yourself standing beneath the Petronas Twin Towers.

16. Singapore

Tour the world-famous Central Area of the city – where many international companies choose to be based – then book one of the many fancy hotels in Singapore and enjoy true relaxation.

17. South Korea

Shop the day away at Myeong-dong, one of the world’s most popular shopping districts.

18. Thailand

After getting settling in at one of the many affordable hotels in Bangkok, eat, shop, drink and be merry on Khao San Road, arguably the most famous street in all of Southeast Asia.

19. United Arab Emirates

You’ve probably heard a lot about the unbelievable hotels in Dubai. Try staying at the Burj Al Arab and experience what true luxury is.

20. Vietnam

Explore Hanoi’s Old Quarter. From the coffee and the Pho to the motorbikes and hawker stalls, you’ll be amazed at the energy of this great neighborhood.

From Armenia to Vietnam, there’s no limit to the fun you can have when you begin to explore the world’s largest continent. Get out there and start your adventure!

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