5 Unmissable Things To Do and See in Saint Louis

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Located on the Mississippi River, St. Louis is one of Missouri’s most dynamic cities. St. Louis has a lot to offer, starting with the 630-foot Gateway Arch, which you can easily identify due to its iconic design. You shouldn’t miss the city’s museums or cathedrals either, but there’s more to the city than these attractions alone. Here are the top five places you should check out to find out what The Lou has to offer.


Delmar Loop

This place is as hip and happening as can be, and it’s especially popular among the college-age crowd. The Delmar Loop is a one-mile strip lined up with interesting specialty shops, restaurants, and galleries. You can find all kinds of cuisines here, such as Thai, Indian, Mediterranean, and American.

To make the most of this area, check out the Delmar Loop calendar online. Don’t miss the annual wintertime Loop Ice Carnival, which features ice sculptures outside of every shop and artists creating live sculptures throughout the area.

Forest Park and Muni Theater

Forest Park is the gathering place that attracts just about everyone in town. It hosts an annual hot air balloon festival and occasional concerts. If you’re planning to attend a concert, take a chair or some blankets and get there early to beat the crowds.

The Municipal Theatre Association of St. Louis, better known as the Muni, is the most sought-after outdoor musical amphitheater. The theater operates from mid-June to mid-August, and it has a seating capacity of around 11,000, including 1,500 free seats. The Muni dates back to 1914 and hosts a wide range of musicals, including “Beauty and the Beast” and “Oklahoma.” What are you waiting for? Go grab that free seat!

Central West End

Classy and posh, the Central West End is one of the most diverse and historic neighborhoods in the city. It’s home to some of the classiest hotels in Saint Louis and stretches from Midtown’s western edge to Union Boulevard. The Central West End also has some of St. Louis’s finest sidewalk cafés, antique shops, and lively bars, making it ideal for a day out or an eventful evening.

The Grove

Located between Vandeventer and Kingshighway Boulevard, the Grove has some of the city’s coolest night clubs. The neighborhood announces itself with a huge banner that stretches across the street, inviting you to explore its diverse collection of bars. Here you can get a taste of trademark St. Louis nightlife. Hit the Grove and show off your dance moves.

Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium is the most famous baseball park in St. Louis, and it’s home to the St. Louis Cardinals, the city’s Major League Baseball team. Located downtown, it’s a terrific place to hang out with friends and family during a game of baseball.

St. Louis loves its home team, so you’ll know there’s a home game when all you can see is fans wearing Cardinals red. Just get along and enjoy a great game, and don’t even think about rooting against the home team.


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