Five Unmissable Things To Do and See in Richmond VA

Things To Do and See in Richmond VA – A World to Travel

Richmond, the capital of Virginia, is a favorite destination for cosmopolitan crowds. It boasts intriguing galleries, distinctive architecture, and magnificent Civil War monuments. In addition to that, there’s an excellent selection of activities, especially for nature enthusiasts and lovers of fine arts and literature. Below is a list of five unmissable things to do and see in Richmond VA.

Make use of it as a mini-guide for your vacation in Richmond and get the best out of visiting this region.

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1. Tour the James River

The James River is approximately 348 miles long. It’s among the longest rivers in America contained in a single state. You’re definitely going to enjoy the whitewater rafting trips down to the Lower James River. In fact, it’s among the best urban whitewater experiences you’ll ever get to enjoy in the U.S. Other activities you’d regret missing out on include kayaking, swimming, and tubing.

You’ll also want to spend some time on the 6-acre Brown’s Island, located on the James River. This island frequently hosts free outdoor festivals and concerts during the summer and spring seasons. For instance, the James River Beer and Seafood Festival is an experience you’ll never forget.

2. Shop and Dine at Richmond’s Carytown

Carytown is an urban retail district that’s close to some of the main hotels in Richmond. It comprises dozens of boutiques and restaurants, and the shopping experience is likely to exceed your expectations. You’re sure to find almost everything you’d want to purchase in this retail district, including unique specialty items.

Browse the antique shops, trendy boutiques, and vintage neighborhood gems. You can treat yourself to French cuisine at the Can Can Brasserie. Carytown offers unique shopping and dining experiences in Virginia.


3. Discover Richmond’s Vibrant Culture

Amaze your artistic side by immersing yourself in Richmond’s cultural experiences. With art galleries, world-class museums, stage productions, and live concerts, there’s something for everyone here.

The Virginia Fine Arts Museum houses an exceptional collection of over 30,000 artworks from nearly all the major world cultures. The VCU Contemporary Art Institute brings contemporary art to Virginia’s capital. You’ll also come across exemplary art around almost every street corner, with the walls decorated with over 100 murals.


4. Tour the Appealing Gardens

Garden lovers often flock to Richmond during their vacations. The blooms, butterflies, tree-lined paths, and lush landscapes make for unforgettable moments in this city. Its beauty beckons, with top public gardens, historical avenues, and homes.

Richmond’s Garden Trail will take you from one end to the other with several stops at bucolic gardens and architectural treasures. Along this trail, you’ll also come across the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, which is recognized as among the top gardens in the nation. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore many themed areas, including the Asian Valley, a glass conservatory, and rose and wetland gardens.


5. Biking and Hiking

If you’re a cyclist, you’ll love practicing your mountain biking skills at the famous Belle Isle Park. Road cyclists can pedal through Bryan Park’s Azalea Garden. You can also walk, bike, or run on the 54-mile Virginia Capital Trail. It’s suitably protected from traffic, running all the way to Jamestown.

The above are just but a few of the unique travel experiences in Richmond. This city is a must-visit destination for art fans, food lovers, shoppers, and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s home to wonderful events year-round, including road bike rides and adventure races. Richmond is just full of fantastic stories, and it welcomes you to make several of your own by doing the activities and visiting the areas listed above.


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