Things Long-Term Travelers Often Miss From Home

Things Long-Term Travelers Often Miss From Home – A World to Travel

No matter how long a person has been on the road, how many countries they have visited, and how adept they are at making new buddies on their travels, there are invariably things that people sometimes miss from back home. It’s usually not a constant yearning ache, but there are often fleeting thoughts of things or memories that can make one wistful. And, even long-term travelers can feel homesick at times!

Loved Ones

Many long-term travelers miss family and friends from back at home. Even with calls, messages, and photos, there’s still that lack of person-to-person contact. Travelers are often absent for special occasions, such as landmark birthdays, weddings, births, and sadly, deaths and funerals.

It’s definitely not abnormal for wandering souls to miss their family and friends sometimes.


A classic. If you often find yourself searching for apartments for rent, it is a huge sign you miss home.


Pets can quickly become part of the family. If you have a beloved pet back at home you’ll know that it’s not unusual to find yourself missing them at times. Unlike people, you can’t easily have a call with your pet!

Whether you were used to walking your dog every day come rain or shine, whether your cat loved to curl up next to you on your bed, whether you were an avid horse rider who visited the stables daily to take care of the animal, or whether you had a different kind of pet, animals can capture a big part of our hearts.


Long-term travelers may have favorite meals from back at home that are all but impossible to find in other parts of the globe; a family member’s homemade specialty, for example, or a delicious dish in a local restaurant.

You may crave the convenience of sourcing certain ingredients or of being able to order a particular type of takeaway meal whenever you feel like it. Sometimes, food cravings can come down to your favorite brand of potato chips or candy bars.

It might help to have a little goodie parcel sent from home every once in a while!


With lots of moving around, and changing beds and bedrooms every few days, long-term travelers might find themselves missing the familiarity of their old bedroom.

They may also miss being able to have their clothes and other possessions neatly arranged, easily to hand, and with everything neatly in its own place. Closets and chests of drawers can become a big deal when a person is constantly on the move!

Travelers might miss the comfort of their bed at home, especially if they have a great mattress – such as a memory foam mattress or similar – and a plush, cozy comforter.


Even though long-term travelers enjoy experiencing the many diverse sights, sounds, smells, and tastes from all around the world, there’s also often a longing at times for routine and stability.

Even though a person may not actually want to return to their previous routine, there can be challenging days on the road that may cause someone to long for familiarity and a set way of doing things.


Whether you’re a keen sportsperson yourself or whether you have a favorite team that you love to watch play, being actively involved in sports can be tricky when you move around a lot. Even catching a soccer game on the TV can be a challenge when it comes to time differences, networks, and so on.

Other things that long-term travelers may miss when exploring new places are bathtubs and powerful showers, gym memberships, a reliable hairdresser, private transportation, such as a car, efficient public transportation, and strong Wi-Fi connections. Some people miss being able to find a decent cup of coffee. Others would love to stay somewhere for a while with a well-equipped kitchen.

While these aren’t things that will usually make a person return home before they are ready, there are definitely times on the road that make you appreciate home a lot more.

Are there any things you miss from home when you’re on the road for an extended period of time? Reach out on social media and let us know.