These Are The Coolest Instagram Accounts Out There

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I breathe Instagram.

If it was my choice, I’d ban and move to the trash any other social media networks that make me lose so much time daily but this one. For sure, Instagram would be my wild card, a keeper. I mean, let’s be honest, it is the most beautifully layered app at the moment, and chances are that if you are reading these lines you too have a deep love for it. Sure you can find a lot of shit on Instagram as well, but we are only showcasing the very best here today so fear not, everyone in here has been carefully hand-picked, after a long but not painful process of checking every account we follow looking for awesomeness.

I can easily spend one hour or more on Instagram everyday getting my eye candy fix, finding new killer accounts, interacting with other members and figuring it all out. And I would not count this precious time as lost at all. A cool visual goes the long way for me and thanks to this social network, I have been able to meet so many cool people that has the same kind of love for it as I do. 

But enough of my own stuff, today I want to share with you the coolest Instagram accounts worth following IMO. The ones that make me stop scrolling down. Those that have proven to be something unique, coherent, fresh, full of creativity and ultimately, authentic.

The upcoming list isn’t intended to reach a pretty number and it will be always ready for as many amendments and additions as they are needed as long as this blog is alive and the App keeps on being the excellent platform it is today. So do let me know in the comments below which accounts are worth following as well and I will have a look. If they are truly something, they will be added as well. Easy.

Let the party begin!


1. Essential Instagram Accounts to Follow for Awesomeness

The accounts below are some of the very best I have found on Instagram since we started our own account almost 2 years back. I need a dose of these every once in a while. The are just pure magic.

Robert Jahns @nois7

nois7 Instagram profile

Christopher Chung @xtoofur

xtoofur  Instagram profile

Jason Peterson @jasonmpeterson

jasonmpeterson Instagram profile

Clark Little @clarklittle

clarklittle Instagram profile

Ofentse Mwase @unclescrooch

unclescrooch  Instagram profile

Elena Kalis @elenakalis

elenakalis Instagram profile

Murad Osmann @muradosmann

muradosman  Instagram profile

Aleksey Zozulya @ch3m1st

ch3m1st  Instagram profile

Ari Weiss @ari.weiss

ari.weiss Instagram profile

Nicanor Garcia @nicanorgarcia

nicanorgarcia Instagram profile

Night shift @night.shitf

night.shift Instagram profile

Stephanie Dandan @infinitesatori

infinitesatori Instagram profile

Chuck Lang @chuck

chuck Instagram profile

Cory Richards @coryrichards

coryrichards Instagram profile

Misshattan @misshattan

misshattan Instagram profile

Carol Peña @misshedwig

misshedwig Instagram profile

Alexander Remnev @a_remnev

a_remnev  Instagram profile

Tara @rarabro

rarabro Instagram profile

Lily @lvnatikk

lvnatikk Instagram profile

Katia @katia_mi

katia_mi Instagram profile

2. Epic Landscape Photographers on Instagram

Not everybody can develop a unique style of portraying the mind-blowing landscapes of this planet and still, make them look stunning in every single picture. Luckily, the following guys excel at doing exactly that.

Iurie Belegurschi @iuriebelegurschi

iuriebelegurschi  Instagram profile

Matt Kuma @matt_kuma

matt_kuma Instagram profile

Ariamphibia @ariamphibia

ariamphibia Instagram profile

Matt Scutt @mattscutt

mattscutt Instagram profile

Trey Ratcliff @treyratcliff

treyratcliff Instagram profile

Alex Strohl @alexstrohl

alexstrohl Instagram profile

Ken Kaminesky @kenkaminesky

kenkaminesky Instagram profile

J. Fer Ribes @luna7ico

luna7ico Instagram profile

Benjamin Everett @bejamin

bejamin Instagram profile


3. All-Time Big Names on Instagram

Or the Instagram accounts that need little to no introduction because over the years they have proven to be very worth of every single list. Enjoy!

Luke Shadbolt @lukeshadbolt

lukeshadbolt  Instagram profile

National Geographic @natgeo

natgeo Instagram profile

Chris Burkard @chrisburkard

chrisburkard Instagram profile

GoPro @gopro

gopro Instagram profile

Nasa @nasa

nasa  Instagram profile

Matador Network @matadornetwork

matadornetwork Instagram profile

Humans of New York @humansofny

humansofny Instagram profile

Elisa & Max @elisaparkranger

elisaparkranger Instagram profile

Lauren Bath @laurenepbath

laurenepbath Instagram profile

Australia @australia

australia Instagram profile


4. People I know rocking their Instagram accounts

Yes, I have met all the following photographers, bloggers and cool types below these lines and shared great times with them. Some of them are even close friends of mine! But that is not the reason I want to introduce them to you, instead I truly believe they deserve a spot here for their great content. Go give them some love!

Daniel Nahabedian @canvasoflight

canvasoflight Instagram profile

Konsta Punkka @kpunkka

kpunkka Instagram profile

 Jessica & Hai @notesofnomads

notesofnomads Instagram profile

Edin Chavez @edinchavez

edinchavez  Instagram profile

Anastasia @glebovaanastasia

glebovaanastasia Instagram profile

Caroline Lohrmann @shavethewhalesnet

shavethewhalesnet Instagram profile

Shinimichi @shinimichi

shinimichi  Instagram profile

Liz Carlson @youngadventuress

youngadventuress Instagram profile

Jo Yee @candidsbyjo

candidsbyjo Instagram profile

Chechu Pajares Cebrian @chechupajarescebrian

chechupajarescebrian Instagram profile


5. Unique style accounts on Instagram worth a mention

Difficult to put in any other category, these will remain here for further reference for now. Each one has developed a unique style that makes them very appealing and worth following. Don’t you think?

Pier Giulio Caivano @piergiuliocaivano

piergiuliocaivano Instagram profile

Blaow @blaowphotography

blaowphotography Instagram profile

Haridian Alamo @harialamo

harialamo Instagram profile

Ai @ailoves

ailoves Instagram profile

Chitecture @chitecture

chitecture Instagram profile

Meetjulian @meetjulian

meetjulian Instagram profile

Sunoloud @sunoloud

sunoloud Instagram profile

Yishyene @smallcrazy

smallcrazy Instagram profile

 Pao Duell @paoduell

paoduell  Instagram profile

Calle @locarl

locarl Instagram profile

Minh T @thismintymoment

thismintymoment Instagram profile

Citomegalovirus @citomegalovirus

citomegalovirus Instagram profile


6. Off the record: Our very own Instagram account

We couldn’t leave you without sharing ours!

Jose & Inma @aworldtotravel

aworldtotravel Instagram profile



Comment and let us know which other Instagram accounts should be listed here. We will have a look to their feeds and if they are worth a spot in this list, they will be added ASAP 🙂


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  1. erikastravels

    I just created an Instagram a few weeks ago and can say that, as much as I initially resisted it, the app is definitely sucking me in. I hate that I spend so much time scrolling through pictures but, then again, love that it fills me with travel inspiration every time! Thanks for this list. It is great!

  2. Gloria Atanmo (@GL0)

    @glographics might be worthy of a look 😉

    Thanks so much for this write-up! Just went on a following spree. My eyes will be spoiled! Xx

  3. Katie

    @superfly024 Awsome account, filled with adventure, Adrenalin, epic mountain missions, flying high and fast, busy living life to the fullest, and most of all something different…. <3 Also love of my life and greatest person I know. 🙂

  4. igerscolombia

    Hi! we are @igerscolombia , by This Side of the continent have much talent invite you to share accounts @mateorito @auramavega @lee_shu @diegonzalez @doctorchapu or @ernestoobando

    • Inma

      Thanks Clemens!! We’ll indeed have a look again. As far as I remember, yours was a pretty epic feed as well 😀

  5. Travel Candy

    Fabulous! I am definitely adding these guys to my IG follows – thanks for a brilliant list. Perhaps you’d see if my account is worthy of a mention (pretty please)??:

    • Inma

      Of course we’ll have a look to your account as well. We’re always on the lookout for good visual content! Thanks for reading and commenting and cheers from Galicia!

  6. Edna

    Cool list! I’m at @expatedna — I’ve been traveling for 7 years, am usually based in Paris, and about to embark on a forever RTW trip!

    • Inma

      Wow Edna, that ‘forever RTW trip’ sounds like a pretty epic one! Will keep an eye on your feed as well. Thanks and safe travels. And fun ones too!

    • Inma

      Thanks Josh for going through it and commenting! We’ll have a look to your feed as well. If any other awesome accounts come to your mind, do not hesitate and let us know! Best

    • Inma

      Thanks so much Shilpa! Glad you like it indeed. Please let us know if you think of any other accounts worth following as well. Cheers

    • Inma

      Hi Cacinda! Thanks for your suggestion 🙂 Will make sure to implement it as well. Btw, you gotta tell us all how to grow your account like you do! Amazing! Hugs

    • Inma

      Thanks Sara! Is that your account? Some great feed there as well. At the moment I am gathering suggestions, soon will publish a sequel with the best ones! Cheers

  7. marghenick

    Awesome rundown sister, I’ll sure be getting some inspiration from these talented folks. BUUUT you forgot the most awesomest Insta account out there (I needn’t tell you which one it is, right?) and my brother Gianni Bianchini @nomadisbeautiful is tops as well!

    • Inma

      You might be righ Marghe! 😀 I am working on a sequel already and you guys will be there for sure! Agree as well in the suggestion. Thanks!!!

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