The Art Of Saving While On Vacation

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Lots of us are getting pretty good at making savings every day on everything from food to clothing. But it’s surprising how few of us apply those same savings techniques when we’re on vacation. Taking some time out to go away with the family costs us a lot of money. Every little cost-cutting technique could go a long way to making your vacation even better value. So how can you do that? Following our tips and aiming to master the art of saving while on vacation.

Flying High

Saving money while you’re sat on a plane isn’t always easy to do. After all, you’re allowed to carry so little on the flight with you. Liquids and foodstuff are often banned altogether. But you can save on premium movie costs simply by preloading them to your tablet. And when the kids are engrossed in an educational game, they’re not thinking about the snack cart.

On The Ground

Once you land, it’s easy to become a bit overwhelmed by the cost of things. Your taxi from the airport could be pretty pricey. However, if you do your homework before you leave, you can save on your transfers and transportation costs. Package vacations may include these things. Check when you order. If they don’t, start browsing the internet. You can compare prices of local taxi firms and find discount advance tickets for public transport.

Food & Drinks

Many of us prefer the privacy and convenience of self-catering vacations. It’s nice to have your own villa and pool. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat out every night. And you save even more by checking out coupons and store offers online before you pack for your vacation. You might be in Paris, Montreal, or Thailand. Food stores across the globe offer discounts for certain things on certain days. Even the catalogs in Argentina will provide you with dozens of options for stores that could be in your vacation area.


Another homework challenge is to find all the excursions and activities you might be interested in for the family. Try to find twice as many free things to do as paid to maximize your vacation budget. Free things include gardens, museums, beaches, play parks, and even some sports facilities. Sure, there will be some awesome water parks, theme parks, theater shows and other things your kids will love. So get familiar with their pricing structure. See if you can make a couple of bucks’ saving by buying in advance.

Extra Treats

It’s very easy to overspend when you’re on vacation, especially overseas. Get a clear picture of what your foreign money is actually worth before you start spending. Of course, there will be some bargains. And there will be plenty of things you simply don’t see at home. However, if you give your family a strict budget and stick to it, you’re unlikely to face a horrible credit card bill back home. Use cash or a prepaid card to prevent fraud and overspending.

Vacations are about having fun. But you need to come back having enjoyed yourself rather than regretting the debt you got into. Enjoy your next super saver vacation.