10 Ways To Have A Successful Staycation Holiday

Woman reading a book with her legs up – 10 Ways To Have A Successful Staycation Holiday

Everybody has a different way to spend their vacation. Whether that includes visiting remote villages or traveling abroad for some summer freedom, what happens when you cannot – or do not want to – book a flight and go somewhere far? The good news is that it was never easier to make a vacation fulfilling without the worries of traveling abroad. Keep reading to uncover how to have a successful staycation holiday.

Now, did you know that staycations have many benefits? First of all, you are going to spend less because you do not need an expensive flight ticket and accommodation. Secondly, staycations help to build the home economy. With the money you save from flight, you can visit some of your country’s best hotels and restaurants.

Even without moving from city to city, there surely must be something worth spending your time on during a staycation. For instance, a picnic with your family can turn into an awesome experience, and it surely is a unique way to strengthen the family bond too.

If you are wondering what you can do to make your staycation a memorable and appealing one, follow these ten tips to experience a great holiday without leaving your region or home country.

1. Plan for it like you mean it

Not many things work without adequate planning. And as much as you are going to stay around your home or city, you need to understand that this is not a weekend off, nor the time to start looking at your messed up backyard or do basic home repairs. You are on holiday, and you need time to re-energize before going back to ‘normal’ life.

If you have things that you need to be done, avoid doing them during the staycation or pay someone to help you fix anything requiring urgent attention. In any case, try to do it in advance so that you have free time when your staycation begins.

Like any other vacation, you have so much to prepare for. Finances, time, props, and more. You cannot enjoy any vacation or trip without the vibes and being prepared for success is essential.

Even if you are not going to travel abroad, short trips also cost money and need adequate financial planning. Budget all you will need during the staycation and add a margin for miscellaneous expenses and adjustments. Then, promise yourself to stick to that budget until the end of the season.

2. Find something new

Because of time limits or financial projections, we tend to prioritize activities that we can do at a particular time. Luckily, during a staycation, time is rarely a limit. Neither should be the money going to hold you back from experiencing something new.

For instance, you can participate in a new game, a sporting activity, or a solo outdoor activity – such as hiking or road biking. Checking your city’s designated trails and routes is a good start.

3. Indulge in a few great meals

Nothing refreshes the mind and body like eating something nutritious and mouth-watering. Even if you are worried about what the staycation will be like, a nice meal can make you happier than you thought.

During a staycation holiday, you can still experience the perks that you only come across when traveling the world through food. Finding exotic food restaurants near you should not be very difficult.

Whether you go there to eat, order home delivery, or plan an outdoor catering; food is one of those things that can instantly bring back memories of all the places you visited in the past.

4. Disconnect all interruptions

You may want to spend your staycation indoors or go for a few short adventure trips. Nonetheless, you will also want some alone time to enjoy your activities and simply rest. As much as we need friends in our lives, at times we need to set a limit on how much they can come over ‘for a conversation over the holiday.

In the same way you would treat a trip abroad, do so with your staycation holiday. Disconnect all social networks, minimize your TV usage, and keep your smartphone notifications muted. Staying offline as much as possible will make room for exploring new things. 

Bonus points if people don’t know you are on a staycation. While they think you are as busy as always, you could be enjoying a blissful hike in the great outdoors, where no one will disturb you.

5. Make unique vacation choices

The more you interact with people you already know during your staycation, the more chances you have of it turning into a boring one. To spice things up, you should consider making choices that contrast with everyone else. Dating sites could also help you find interesting new people to spend time with.

If most people will be flocking to the beach for sunbathing, opt to try cross-country, off-road biking, sightseeing and exploring your own country.

Who said there is nothing to see behind those tall buildings in the city? Spending time in a nature-filled environment will boost your mood and improve your general health.

Some other activities you may consider include hiking and mountain biking, both of which are beneficial to your health while on vacation. Apart from breathing fresh air, drinking clean and safe drinking water, staying away from noise pollution, and seeing amazing wonders of nature; these activities will also boost your metabolism and keep you fit.

6. Nap, nap, and then nap some more

Why would you worry about doing so much stuff when you can just lay down and snore?

Sleeping can also be a wonderful way to spend your staycation and make it outstanding. You can sleep in your bed, couch, backyard, garage, under a tree, pretty much anywhere. 

While all the time you have been waking up early and trying to beat the deadlines, a staycation is the best way to replenish. Good-quality sleep is necessary for most metabolic activities – including detoxification. So, if you have been having trouble with your health, maybe you are sleep deprived. Take your time and sleep. The brain also gets enough time to reconnect and create a robust memory that you need in your daily life.

Sleeping is also the most-affordable activity you can have during your holiday. This becomes true, especially, when sleeping at home. Since you do not pay for the bed, your hotel booking fees are waived. And the activity does not require registration or accessories that cost you money! Win-win.

7. Enroll in a class

This does not necessarily mean you should start watching Youtube videos on how to become a developer or anything alike. But there are some life, artistic, or career lessons that could easily improve your lifestyle.

If becoming an artisan has always intrigued you, find a local training center offering classes. Not only you’ll be feeling accomplished and improve your skills but also you will get to know people with the same interests as you.

On top of that, classes that last as short as a summer holiday do not require too much tuition and you will be surprised that what you have been spending on snacks is enough to sail you through an informal course during your staycation.

8. Turn your backyard into a campsite

Who said that you have to travel many miles to camp and stare at the stars all night? If you have access to a backyard, all you need is your camping gear and assume that you are not at home.

Take everything you will need and lock your house. Find some cooking pots and firewood. Cook your dinner in the open fire, warm yourself with the fire, and sleep in your tent.

You would also want a portable radio or a wireless speaker. Since camping is a relaxing time, you may want to play some music, listen to the news or your favorite podcasts while preparing dinner.

9. Visit a spa

If you are used to your local salon for a hair makeover or a beard fix, you know experiences there are as bare as their services. We usually visit them because we need quick services and a small bill.

That’s why staying away from the norm and visiting a local spa can bring so much excitement during a staycation. They offer so much more than ordinary hair trimming with beauty and health services that include hot steams, massages, exercises, treatments, and more. On top of that, spas usually have a more appealing decor and atmosphere than any familiar salon you visited. And surprises to suit everyone, such as special treats for couples, family days and even healthy juice bars and buffets that will make you forget about the outside world for a while.

10. Family tournaments

You travel from Brisbane to Las Vegas to participate in a tournament during a vacation. Why not do it at the comfort at home with your loved ones. Your family needs you close, but it does not have to be a boring or quarrelsome encounter during the staycation. You can make it special, at least for the period.

Playing at home with your family has so many benefits. But while holding a tournament, you can make things even better. Each family member gets an equal opportunity to decide on something new you can enjoy. But to avoid any inconveniences that would create partiality, use the tournament to grant the requests. The games you choose are up to you. It will depend on the number of participants, their ages, and their interests.

You can decide that you play a new game each day. Award points to each member to find a winner at the end of the season. For each day, the winner can choose what food to eat, and the whole family will adhere to the request – what a special way to bond the family! If you prefer, you can also choose other things like awarding presents.

The end of the staycation holiday would mark the end of your tournament. Tally the points for every participant to find the winner. Let the winner ask for something special that has not been along the time since you started the tournament. They may even get two days to think of what they want. And don’t forget: make it serious or the next time you have a staycation everybody will want to do their things independently.

Summing up – Staycation holidays

A vacation provides you with enough time to rest and do exciting stuff away from your routine. When well spent, vacations are meant to improve performance and improve our social lives. Many people have been spending their time abroad during vacation, but sometimes it is important to observe a staycation.

Whether it is by circumstance or choice, a staycation should be as interesting as a holiday you would spend abroad as the choice of activities is only limited to your preferences. When adequately planned out, your staycation can make you happier, save you money, and build your personality among other benefits. Enjoy!