5 Stunning Places You need to Include On your North of Italy Road Trip

Milano – Beautiful Places You need to Include On your North of Italy Road Trip – A World to Travel

Planning a North of Italy road trip? You have to visit these 5 beautiful places and lakes!

Italy is a beautiful country, with a northside marking itself with many romantic, old renaissance-looking cities and tiny beautiful towns. Also, the famous lakes like Lake Garda and Lake Como are places you simply cannot miss when you’re headed to this region. Without further ado, here are five stunning places you need to include on your North of Italy road trip:

Cannobio (Lake Maggiore)

The first stop is the northernmost lake in Italy: Lake Maggiore. This lake is half in Switzerland and half in Italy. Cannobio is a small town near this lake. It’s the most beautiful town in Lake Maggiore.

The cozy old center is filled with terraces, where you can get the nicest food with the greatest view of the most beautiful religious church: the Santa Pieta.

Also in Cannobio, there are beaches marked with a blue flag, a sign for the cleanest beaches in the world. So bring your swimsuit and take a dive!

Bellagio (Lake Como)

Lake Como is not far from Lake Maggiore. Bellagio is located exactly on the mountain where the lake splits in two.

This town is loved by the rich and famous and marks itself with villas and big country houses. Even George Clooney has a house nearby! (So, if you’re lucky you might spot him!).

Bellagio is called the ‘pearl’ of Lake Como, but it’s not only for reserved for these famous people, everyone can visit and enjoy the beautiful view of the lake.

Lazise and Sirmione (Lake Garda)

The next stop is the most tourist lake of them all, Lake Garda. Lots of people come to this place to enjoy their summer holiday here. But don’t let that scare you off, you have to visit these next two cities. Lazise is a Fisherstown and is located on the southern side of Lake Garda. Lazise is a colorful, medieval city where you can get famous local wine and delicious foods on the boulevard.

Also at Lake Garda is the peninsula Sirmione which is built around a castle Rocca Scaligera.

This city has old caves, the most beautiful museum of Lake Garda and a lot of small beaches. They even have impressive ‘flying’ terraces above the water.


Verona is not located on a lake, but it’s very nearby so you can’t skip this city. Verona’s biggest highlight is the amphitheater where beautiful operas are performed in the summer. Want to go to a play in the amphitheater? Take a look at the schedule and buy Opera tickets before it’s too late.

Two of the most famous inhabitants are Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. When you’re walking down the old streets of Verona you eventually get to the small courtyard where the famous balcony of Juliet is. Verona is worth the visit, this historical center is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


And last, but not least: the famous Venice. You have to visit Venice once in your life! There are six districts. San Marco is one of them. In this part of Venice stands the world-famous San Marco Square and the basilica where many famous films are recorded. This unforgettable experience and the great buildings are all worth the crowded streets and squares when visiting Venice in the holidays. And there’s more to explore when you’re in Venice, this is what makes Venice the most visited place in Italy.

When you’re back in Milan (and there’s time left), visit the Duomo. Standing tall in the center of Milan. This cathedral is a fantastic piece of architecture and it’s the most visited place in Milan. When you decide to climb The Duomo you’ll walk past uncountable statues and at the end you have a beautiful view of the city. Tip: buy your tickets for visiting The Duomo in advance.

These places are just a small selection of a hundred great cities to visit when you’re in Italy. When you decide to make a road trip, it’s extremely convenient to go by car. You can go wherever you want and you’re not dependent on trains or buses.

Keep exploring the hidden gems of Northern Italy.