18 Stunning Beach Wedding Destinations Across The Globe

Stunning Beach Wedding Destinations Around The World – A World to Travel

Everyone wants their wedding to be a day that they will remember forever. For some couples, a church wedding is not a part of the dream. Instead, some brides and grooms picture gentle surf, golden silky sand and warm sunsets that only a beach can give them. The U.S. has some beautiful beaches, and of course, some of the most stunning sands can be found far from home. Here is our list of some of the best beach wedding destinations around the world and some right in the U.S. that will make your wedding a stunning event that you will remember for a lifetime. 

Makena Surf – Po’olenanlena – Maui

Although Maui is technically in the U.S., it is a world away for most people. For the best sunsets, acclimate weather, and privacy you should visit Makena Surf for your wedding. It has a paved parking lot which is convenient for you and your guests. 

The endless stretch of beach offers a ton of great opportunities for photographs along the sand or up against some of the stunning black rocks and fertile palm fronds that line the area.

Le Ciel – Santorini, Greece

Sail away towards your life together and discover the beauty of the Greek Islands. One of the top destinations in the world is the isolated volcanic island of Santorini. This picture-perfect location is the home of one of the most epic beaches to be found anywhere. 

With its unobstructed sunset view, experiencing Le Ciel beach is like being inside a dream. The weather is great all year round and you can choose to hold your wedding right on the sand or on the overlooking terrace.

Guana Island – Virgin Islands

This private island located in the luxurious chain of the British Virgin Islands is a wedding destination that will blow your mind. This island is so small and exclusive that there is only the capacity for 36 guests, so you will have to choose your wedding party carefully. 

The dreamy white sand beaches are surrounded by the most amazingly lush Caribbean flora and fauna. After the wedding, you and your guests can enjoy some lazy days of sailing, diving, and hiking.

Hayman Island – Australia

Get married to your soulmate as you look out over one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Barrier Reef. This private island located off the eastern coast of Australia is part of the North Whitsunday Islands and is open to the public. The entire island is less than 1,000 square kilometers making it an exotic and private place to get married.

Ora Beach – Indonesia

If you are looking for a beach location that is a bit less touristy you will love Ora Beach. This secluded beach is bordered by emerald green waters and lush jungle greenery. Located on Seram island, this Asian beauty is full of charming native culture and surrounded by towering rock formations adding to its eternal magic.

When you have a beautiful beach for the backdrop of your wedding you don’t have to worry about extensive decorations. Still, when you’re on a warm sandy beach in Maui, you might want a little something to spruce up your seaside wedding and make it feel like, well, a wedding. Decor experts can help you design a fabulous event, but you have to pick the right beach first!

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Pink Sands Beach – Bahamas

Just as the name suggests, at this idyllic location you can have your wedding or honeymoon right on the shoreline of crystal blue waters in luxurious pink sand. This beach has been rated in the Top 5 of beautiful beaches around the world over and over. 

Choose the perfect spot for your wedding along the beach that stretches for over 3 miles. There are plenty of coves and pretty spots closer to the water that will fulfill all of your wedding dreams. 

Accommodations are available nearby with charming cottages that can be rented for guests. Resorts are also within easy distance to house the rest of your party and provide them with other entertainment and dining.

Petit St. Vincent-St. Vincent & The Grenadines

This private island resort on a stunning 113-acre plantation can make all of your luxury wedding dreams come true. Far from the touristy crowds, this island locale can provide you with the privacy and solitude that you may be looking for in your small and intimate wedding.

After the ceremony, you and your guests can enjoy a variety of watersports including sailing, diving, and swimming in the stunningly calm blue and emerald waters along the shores. 

Bavaro Beach – Dominican Republic

If you are looking for a getaway wedding destination that is a bit more affordable, the Dominican Republic is a great place to travel in luxury while saving a buck. The white sand beaches surrounding the island are the perfect spot to say your “I do’s”.

You may be able to expect a larger attendance for your wedding if the price tag is more reasonable for your guests. You can still expect to enjoy excellent accommodations even at cheaper prices as the traditional wedding season falls during the island’s offseason. This means cheaper flights and hotel costs for everyone. You can also have a bit more privacy as there will be less tourist traffic at this time of year.

Horseshoe Beach Bay – Bermuda

You can have the beach wedding of your dreams along the delicate and sugary pink sand of Horseshoe Beach Bay. This most popular beach on the island of Bermuda can still offer you a private area nestled in one of many small and beautiful coves along the shore.

The weather is always pristine in Bermuda, one of the many reasons that so many visitors come back time and again. There is almost no rainy season to try to avoid so you won’t have to worry about setting a rain date. 

Your guests can enjoy touring around the island on rented motorbikes, devouring first-class meals in many of the gourmet restaurants, and discovering the old-world British charm of this stunning island.

Sugar Beach – St. Lucia

Get married with the excitement and drama of saying your vows in the shadow of an ancient volcano on the island of St. Lucia. Surrounded by lush rainforest, this crescent moon-shaped beach is the perfect spot for your destination wedding. 

There is no shortage of hotels, stunning villas, and inns where your guests can enjoy the celebratory vibe of the island and relax on the white-sand beaches. Plenty of shopping, restaurants, and day excursions are available for your whole party to enjoy. Known as one of the most spectacular Caribbean destinations this stretch of beach could be the perfect spot for your getaway nuptials. 

The Outer Banks  – North Carolina

Choose one in a string of barrier islands off the eastern coast of historical North Carolina. These isolated and sparsely populated islands can only be reached via boat or plane, making them a perfectly private and secluded spot for your wedding. 

Set up your ideal wedding location on any spot along the over 16 miles of gorgeous shoreline. The white powdery sands and dunes can provide you with the most romantic and unique backdrop for your wedding.

Maroma Beach, Maya Riviera  – Mexico

This Mexican Caribbean beach is surrounded by the lushest rainforest that lines the shores of aquamarine waters. This wedding destination is ideal for couples who want to have the perfect island wedding followed by a bit of honeymoon adventure.

After you are joined in matrimony you and your guests can enjoy an endless adventure in the waters of the Mexican coast. Go snorkeling and discover the thousands of colorful reef fish, scuba the depths or head out for a romantic sunset cruise. If water isn’t the thrill you are looking for you can take your guests and hike through the enchanting ancient ruins of the Maya.

Cannon Beach  – Oregon

Make this rugged and wild coastline the dramatic backdrop for your perfect beach wedding. The sunsets along the Oregon coastline are hard to beat anywhere in the world. Forget the flights and passports and stay right in the U.S. for some of the best sights to be seen for your wedding.

The surge of the waves can add an invigorating soundtrack for your ceremony. There is also no shortage of beautiful spots to set up your wedding photoshoot. 

Ambergris Caye  – Belize

This exotic rainforest beach destination is right out of a tropical wedding dream. The turquoise waters of the Carribean sea are the perfect spot for your wedding. Surrounded by coves and luscious tropical forests, you and your guests can enjoy the feeling of complete privacy and seclusion.

After the wedding, you and your guests can explore the ancient Mayan ruins, take a stroll through the charming streets of San Pedro or hit the beach to get some rays. There are plenty of luxury resorts available in the region for the best accommodations.

Naka Island  – Phuket, Thailand

This stunning and private island just off the main coast of Thailand is the perfect spot for your destination beach wedding. The glorious Thai beaches are tranquility lined with ancient palm trees and there are plenty of private coves and lagoons to set up your perfect backdrop for your nuptials. This affordable location can thrill you with its over-the-top otherworldly beauty and charm. The locals are friendly and eager to share the culture of the island with guests.

Navagio Beach  – Zakynthos Island, Greece

This exposed cave beach is often referred to by locals as “Shipwreck Beach”. This small cove of a beach is a stunning and unusual backdrop for your wedding. An abandoned ship that ran aground at the beach over 30 years ago still sits in the shallows as an enchanting and dramatic ruin.

You and your guests can get out and explore the many other magical islands of the Greek waters on your trip and enjoy the unparalleled openness and warmth of the Greek people and culture.

Anse Source d’Argent  – Seychelles

As one of the most photographed beaches on the planet, this stunning island paradise will provide you with the best photo opportunities for your wedding. The pristine white sands are bordered by the emerald green waters that are a magical sight to behold. 

The beaches of this part of Seychelles are littered with the most unusual and stunning granite boulders of all shapes and sizes, giving the landscape a decidedly alien feel and look. The beach itself is part of a historic coconut plantation that your guests can explore after the festivities. 

This beach is a popular destination for travelers, so it might be wise to set the time for your ceremony in the early morning or closer to sunset to give you the privacy that you want.

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Champagne Beach  – Vanuatu

Just a short ferry ride from the shores of Australia, this South Pacific dream of an island holds the key to the perfect wedding backdrop. The white sugary sands that lay nestled against the starkly aqua-colored waters will leave you feeling like you are in a dream. The small village of Hog Harbor is just a few minutes stroll from the beach and can act as a convenient staging area as you get ready for your wedding event.

The crystal clear waters of the bay are a popular choice for snorkeling and scuba diving that your guests will love. Stay on the island in luxury accommodations or on the mainland of Australia where you can see the sights and even brave the Outback on an adventurous honeymoon trip.


Simple is the new trend in wedding planning. The more money that couples can save on their wedding festivities, the more they have to spend when planning their perfect honeymoon. Your wedding should be everything that you have ever dreamed of. 

If you want to save some money and incorporate your nuptials and your honeymoon all into one destination you will be stunned by the natural beauty of any of these perfect beach wedding destinations.

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