Staying Fit While Visiting NYC Is Possible. Here’s How

New York -Staying Fit While Visiting NYC Is Possible. Here’s How – A World to Travel (5)

There are a couple of categories an average Joe fits into when it comes to fitness and traveling. Either they are a complete health nut, think it is something worth acclimating into their schedules, and then there are those who eat chili dogs with beer. That’s what we call L-I-V-I-N.

Having an average traveler in mind, we will discuss a practical approach to traveling to New York while still adding some exercise into the vacation schedule. This way it is not pushed or completely forgotten but incorporated into your trip and you will succeed in staying fit while visiting NYC.


Biking Around New York City

Nothing says adventure better than cruising around on a bike in a new city. Assuming the weather is pretty good, riding around on a bike can be one of the best ways of incorporating some fitness into your trip.

New York has one of the best parks in the country or maybe world with 47 miles of trails right in the middle of the city. Riding a bike is one of the best ways to see Central Park while getting some exercise as well.

While Central Park is a no-brainer, there are many organized bike tours to choose from in New York City. It is quite easy to book a tour and get a guide to show you around some places in the city such as Brooklyn, Bronx, Harlem, and even an adventurous night tour.


Taking the Sites in at a Slower Pace

The ability to walk around the Big Apple allows you to not only burn that beer you drank the night before in Greenwich Village but also experience the sights at a slower pace. This allows you to feel like you are part of the local scene and get up and close with the grittiness and beauty of New York City.

The streets of New York are alive and all walks of life are doing many different things. From the naked cowboy in Times Square to all sorts of music, entertainment, and street food. Some of the best people-watching is done on the streets of New York.

Walking tours have also become a pretty big hit in many cities across the globe lately because of the popularity of seeing the sites as a local and also being guided to the best spots. If you spend time looking at the information superhighway, you can find many affordable tours and some might even be free.

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Visiting a Local Gym for Free

One thing is for certain and everyone knows that New York City is not a cheap place to live or visit. So visiting a local gym can most likely be a good experience but can also take money from your vacation budget.

Preparing in advance to be as frugal as possible is not being a penny pincher but being a responsible traveler. There are many gyms in New York that allow you to test the waters so to speak and will allow the newcomer free intro classes, guest passes and a trial period to check out the equipment and the overall establishment.  Hint: Do not tell them you are on a vacation!

While there are many gyms where you may get a free trial, there are actual spots around town that provide free workouts during the week. Cardio, ballet-inspired dance workouts, yoga, and kickboxing are some of the many workouts to check out while you are in New York. This also provides you with an opportunity to meet many locals and find out more about one of the best cities in the world.