Top 3 spring holiday destinations in Europe

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Spring is nearly upon us and with the start of a new season, you may be thinking about taking a break. If you want to save far-flung destinations for your big summer break, rest assured there are plenty of incredible places to explore in Europe just a short plane ride away.

Finding it tough to decide where to go? Here are three of the most popular holiday destinations to provide some inspiration:

1. Portugal

Sunset in front of Lisbon Portugal

Incredibly popular with tourists from across the globe, Portugal is a fantastic holiday destination with lots to offer. With clear turquoise waters, long stretches of warm white sand, and a balmy climate, it’s not hard to see why the beautiful Algarve is a magnet for visitors.

If you’re feeling a bit more active and don’t fancy soaking up the sun on a beach, Portugal boasts a number of national parks to explore, including Serra da Estrela which is famous for its glorious waterfall, towering mountains, and hiking trails.

In the mood for a city break? Porto is not only celebrated for its wonderful port wine but also holds UNESCO World Heritage Status. Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city, is bursting with history, atmosphere, and old-fashioned shops that have escaped the march of time.

2. Greece


What makes Greece so exciting is its superb scenery, idyllic beaches, and ancient wonders. Fusing modern culture with authentic traditions, it is a country of contrasts which means there is plenty of culture to dive into as soon as you arrive.

There are myriad ancient sites, structures, and museums as well as clubs, restaurants, and shops if you fancy something a bit more modern. Enjoy Santorini’s volcanic caldera or take a look at the impressive Roman and Byzantine structures, or simply unwind with some mouth-watering Greek cuisine.

The Greeks are known for their legendary hospitality and there is a huge range of resorts and destinations to choose from offering blue skies, warm clear waters, and spectacular natural beauty.

 3. Malta

Citadel at Mdina Gozo

Like Greece, Malta offers a fascinating mix of both ancient and contemporary. One of the largest three islands which make up the Maltese archipelago, it is densely urbanized but still provides plenty of places to escape including dramatic rocky landscapes, enchanting bays and coves, and ancient megalithic ruins.

If you’re fleeing the UK in search of warmer climes, Malta is a great choice. It’s hot, but the heat is usually tempered by cool breezes from the north, and the island boasts the lowest rainfall in Europe. Offering up sun-soaked beaches, beautiful scenery, and cultural attractions, Malta really is an island paradise.

Have any of these piqued your interest? Now all that’s left is to pack your suitcase, jump on a plane and enjoy a well-deserved break!
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