Solo Cruising: The Hidden Holiday You Will Love

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Have you ever thought about going on a cruise alone? Don’t rule it out before you have even thought about it! There are many perks to solo cruising. It might not be feasible to get away for a couple of weeks by yourself if you have children and a family, it’s unlikely they would understand! But if you are the lone type who loves to roam free, then this article will be up your street. The benefits to going on a solo cruise are great in many ways, but there are people who will raise their eyebrow at you being alone. But who cares? That’s how you wanted it! Before you head off on your own, here are some facts to bear in mind.

Nobody Will Understand

Fellow passengers will be confused that you are on your own. Just ignore them. You won’t have to answer to anyone or get involved in an argument about what to do or where to go. You will have your own company to answer to!

There Are Solo Activities For You!

Have a look at the daily program, there are lines that offer events for those who are traveling alone. They can be great, or they can be not so great. But what have you got to lose by attending? If they’re no good, get on the deck and read a great book! There are things like single’s mixers too. So you can at least make some friends that are solo travelers too.

You Can Have A Cabin To Yourself

You call the shots. You decide what to watch on TV. And you can make as much mess as you possibly want! And embarking on a Caribbean cruise yourself will leave you open to the most wondrous of sights without someone blocking your view, or complaining that they have a headache! It’s your space, so do what you want with it!

If You Want To Be By Yourself, Then That’s Fine

You may have thought about getting on a cruise to get away from the rat race, and take stock in what you want, or who you are. While that sounds like something out of a movie from the 1950’s, it is very likely that there are other people wanting to do the same thing. You are able to request anytime to eat your meals, so you can avoid that awkward conversation about why you are by yourself.

It’s Not Embarrassing To Go “Solo”

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People will automatically assume that you are cruising as a “single” person, which can have a certain stigma attached to it. Just remember, there are other people who are onboard who are cruising solo too, and that’s how they wanted it.

If You Want To Make Friends, Then You Can

With the amount of activities you can get up to on a cruise. From karaoke, to dance classes. There are many social functions to get involved with. And besides, nobody knows you. If you think you might get embarrassed, it doesn’t matter! You won’t see them ever again, so get involved!