6 Smart Ways to Travel the World for Cheap

Smart Ways to Travel the World for Cheap – A World to Travel

Who hasn’t dreamed of quitting their job, selling their worldly goods, bidding farewell to their family and friends and then setting off on a world trip with nothing more than a backpack and a laptop?

Let’s face it, this is something many of us have fantasized about at one point or another: escaping routine in order to see the big wide world. But, save for the fact that you might miss your creature comforts and your closest pals, what’s the biggest obstacle in your path? Right, money. Air tickets are often quite cheap, and if you travel in parts of South America, Asia, and Africa, daily living may well be more affordable than in Western Europe or the US.

But there’s still the thorny problem of accommodation. Finding a place to lay your head can be costly, so we’ve come up with six great ways to wander the planet on the cheap.

Go on, try one!


1. Volunteer 

There are so many good reasons to become a volunteer – become part of a community, give something back, see another culture, meet new people. The benefits are tremendous – and you may well learn new skills, which will benefit you in your professional life.

  • Interested in the environment? Apply to live on on an organic farm.  
  • Good with people? Go and volunteer at a refugee camp.
  • Great fixing things? Offer your services as a handyman or woman, in exchange for bed and board. 

Across the globe, millions of people are giving back and seeing more of the world into the bargain. Think about it.


2. Houseswap 

When you leave town, who will stay in your house? Here’s a thought – why lock it up and leave it empty when you can exchange it with someone in exactly the same position as you? When you exchange homes, you aren’t just cutting down on accommodation costs, you’re eliminating them entirely.

Rather than shelling out thousands of dollars on accommodation, just swap keys – they stay at yours, and you stay at theirs. Check out sites like Casaversa that offer free membership. Your experience will be more authentic, you’ll have a much better chance of meeting the locals and you’ll also have more space and amenities at your disposal. A real win-win situation.



3. Drive someone’s car across a country 

Do you know how many people – especially North Americans – love their cars, to the extent that they can’t bear to leave them behind when they go on holiday? Seriously, if you’ve got a driver’s license, a clean record, and you like the open roads, sign up to take someone’s car from California to New York (or Paris to Nice, or London to Edinburgh). There’s nothing more fun than a road trip – especially when the gas (and sometimes even motel/bed and breakfasts costs) are included. Hittheroad and Imoova are good starting points.


4. Crew on a ship/yacht

Ever considered earning your passage by working on a yacht or ship?  Boats can’t sail themselves you know, and the internet is full of adverts, looking for adventurous souls to muck in with daily tasks in return for a chance to sail the oceans blue.

Obviously, if you have sailing experience it helps but even if you don’t you may be employed to cook and clean, watch the deck and occasionally scrub a floor!

Plus, if you’re working, you’re going to get your bed and board, and you may even collect a small wage on top of it. So – if you’re an “all hands on deck” kinda person, this could really work for you. 

Check out places as Findacrew to see which options you can choose from.


5. Become a member of our team

Did you know we are always on the lookout for great writers and photographers to send on some adventures both close and far away?

That’s right! Go check how to apply to become a member of our team now.


Finally, if all else fails…


6. Pack up your tent and stick out your thumb

The great outdoors is waiting for you and all you need is a sleeping bag, a tent, and a cheerful disposition. In many countries, it’s still reasonably safe to hitchhike and cheap (if not free) to pitch a tent. In Sweden, for instance, you have the right to walk, cycle, ride, ski and camp on almost any land (enshrined in the “Freedom to Roam” law).  

And in the US, with just a smartphone you can download Freecampsites, an app that let you know about cheap or free camping spots across the country, providing you with community reviews and ratings.


Who said traveling the world needed to cost an arm and a leg? Follow these ways to travel the world for cheap and get ready to prove them wrong!

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