12 Quick And Simple US Travel Tips For First-Timers

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The United States is a vast and beautiful land filled with incredible scenery and dramatic landmarks. From the Grand Canyon to Times Square, America is truly the land of the free and the home of the brave. If you have booked your ticket to visit the U.S., we have made this list of twelve quick tips for you to look through before you set foot on the plane.


Tips For Worry-Free US Travel

#1 Don’t Get Lost in Cities

If you are visiting one of America’s large cities such as New York or Los Angeles, then be careful where you plan your walks. Some parts of the city can be quite rough, and you don’t want to turn a corner onto a block that does not have friendly people on it.


#2 Always Carry Your Documents

Keep a color copy of your passport, country issued ID, and driver’s license on you and store the originals in the safe at your hotel. The police will ask you for your documents if they stop you in any random pullover. If you cannot produce ID, then you could be detained.


#3 Respect the Culture

Respect the flag, the country, and the people. Americans take great pride in their country, so give them the respect they deserve.


#4 Buy a Cheap Car

Why spend money on cabs and trains when you can buy a cheap used car for a few hundred dollars. You can drive it into the ground while you are in the country and sell it to someone cheaply when you leave.

#5 Double Your Budget

Double your best estimates of whatever you think you will be spending on your trip. America is an expensive country with one of the world’s highest cost of living, so be ready with extra emergency funds.


#6 Prices are Fixed

There’s no negotiating in the United States, you either pay it or you don’t. Remember to include 5% for sales tax on top of the sticker price for the items you are buying.


#7 Don’t Get Too Close

Don’t forget to respect personal space when you are in uncrowded rooms or talking to people. Try to stand a meter away from people when you are talking to them.


#8 Beware of the Rules of the Road

America has some of the world’s most magnificent highways and interstate freeways. Be careful when you are on the road as most Americans drive according to the rules and rely less on spatial awareness and defensive driving.


#9 Health and Travel Importance

The Medicare industry in America is under hot debate in political circles. Medicare costs if you are injured in the U.S, and forced to rely on local healthcare provider, can be horrendous. Make sure that you let your local healthcare provider know that you are traveling and if they can cover you.

#10 You can Drink the Tap Water

In most American cities, the water straight out of the tap is fine to drink. However, we still recommend you stick to filtered or bottled water.


#11 Tip for Services

Many Americans work in the service industry, and it is customary to leave a gratuity for services rendered. Remember to tip bartenders, waitresses, cab drivers, and barristers for the service they give you.


#12 Apply for ESTA

The last tip is to check your visa status. Certain countries have easy access to the U.S. and do not need a full visa process. Heck out the U.S. government website to see if your country falls within the ESTA visa policy. You can use agents online to secure your visa and check up on your ESTA application status.


Wrapping Up

Visiting America for the first time is an experience that you will never forget. Remember to travel safely and always make sure that you pack your bag yourself wherever you travel in the United States.

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    All and each one of the tips are to observe. For instance, in little payments, is common don’t return money if you don’t have the exact cost to give, from gas stations to the bus. And this increases automatically your budget previewed!

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