View From The Top: Seeing Shanghai From Great Heights

Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai

Arguably one of the most captivating things about Shanghai is its buildings. This economic powerhouse is home to thousands of architectural wonders that provide a beautiful Shanghai skyline.

While seeing these buildings are gems to glimpse at from the ground, the real treasures are the views of this vertical city from the top of these buildings. Below are some of the bird’s-eye views of one of the world’s most stunning metropolitan landscapes you don’t want to miss seeing on your trip to Shanghai.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower
Start your view-from-the-top tour of Shanghai from China’s tallest building — Shanghai Tower. Rising to a height of 2,073 feet and made up of 128 floors and 149 elevators, there’s no better building to see the city from.

The tower is subdivided into five main-functioning areas, which include some high-end retail shops and sightseeing rooms located in the upper floors you want to visit. Besides being the second tallest building in the world, Shanghai Tower holds another world record as three of its 108 lifts send passengers from street level up to the 500-meter-high sightseeing platform in just a minute’s time, providing a ride and views of a lifetime.



Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Centre
When you get to the Pudong District and find a building resembling a giant bottle opener, you know you’ve arrived at the Shanghai World Financial Center. This building isn’t only a financial information center; it’s also a tourist’s eye in the sky. At 474 meters, the SWFC Observatory’s 100th-floor observation deck offers breathtaking views of the Huang Pu River and downtown Shanghai.

If 100 floors is too high, you have the option of seeing the city from an observation bridge on the 97th floor or an observatory from the 94th floor. No matter how high up you go you’ll feel as if you’re floating in the sky, a truly unforgettable experience.



Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

A guy picturing the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai

A TV tower may not sound like a fun tourist attraction, but it’s completely worth checking out. The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower sits opposite the Bund and at the side of the Huangpu River, a near-perfect location offering scenic views of its surrounding areas — for both adults and kids.

Your kids will love the Space Capsule Sightseeing Floor, which is best to be in at night as the starry night skies and city lights are a one-of-a-kind sight making you feel even more like an astronaut in space. Something that The Oriental Pearl Tower also boasts that your soaring Shanghai hotel might not have is a Transparent Observatory. This see-through enclosure makes you feel like you’re gliding on air as you walk and take in the sights from this glass panel 360-degree observatory.

Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai

Don’t leave this tower until you’ve had dinner with an amazing view at the Oriental Pearl Tower Revolving Restaurant. You may have eaten in a revolving restaurant before, but the views of Shanghai offered here are unrivaled, especially the night view. With incredible views, a variety of foods and great service, this restaurant gives you an incomparable bird’s-eye-view Shanghai experience.

Seeing Shanghai from the streets is a treat, but when you see it from the sky, you’ll discover that viewing it from the top is the only way to really observe what all this magnificent modern city offers.


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