A Perfect Getaway: Reasons Why You Should Go on a Sailing Vacation

Reasons to Go on a Sailing Vacation

If you are looking for the sailing holiday benefits, perks, and overall reasons that make vacations at sea utterly amazing, this is for you.

It’s a peaceful morning at sea. You have just enjoyed a dip in the ocean and a breakfast in the morning sun. Soon you will be off towards the day’s big adventures, exploring beautiful hidden coves and treasure spots followed by some local cuisine at a coastal restaurant, but for now, you let yourself breathe in the fresh salty air and enjoy the gentle breeze.

Though you never want this day to end, you can’t wait to watch the vibrant sky as the sun sets behind the horizon, let the sound of the waves lull you to sleep, and then get to experience it all over again.

If this sounds like a dream, perhaps it’s time to consider a sailing vacation as your next adventure. 

Sailing vacations have become a lot more accessible in the last few years with so many charter companies on the market today. They can also be more affordable than you would expect and you don’t even need any sailing experience! 

Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at the different types of sailing charters available and what you need to know before you plan a vacation on the water. 

Sailing charters explained

Unless you have your own sailing yacht, you need to book a charter. Bareboat charters, crewed charters, and cabin charters are three different charter types to choose from. 

Bareboat charter

With a bareboat charter, you only rent the yacht, with the option to hire a professional skipper. 

If you choose this option, it’s important to make sure you have insurance if something happens, especially if you sail yourself. It’s recommended to choose a charter company that offers insurance with a damage waiver so that you, as a guest, won’t be liable to pay in case of an accident. If you lack sufficient credentials to sail on your own, you can book a skipper. 

The professional skipper will be fully responsible for the boat during your trip, managing everything from sailing and steering to docking and taking the anchor watch at night if necessary. And sometimes, they can also function as personal guides as they are often familiar with the area. 

Crewed charter

Another option is a fully crewed charter, sometimes referred to as “all-inclusive”. It’s the perfect alternative if you want to get the most out of your vacation without lifting a finger. 

Not only will you have somebody sailing your vessel, but you will also enjoy full service from a hostess who will prepare breakfast and lunch every day, take care of the dishes, and keep the galley clean. 

You can even have a chef onboard cooking dinner for you and your crew, asking for your favorite travel recipes, helping with meal planning, and obtaining provisions. The crew will be familiar with the area and can take you to the most beautiful spots you would probably miss otherwise. 

Granted, this is not the cheapest option, but you are sure to enjoy every second of your sailing vacation!

Cabin charter

The third option is the cabin charter, similar in setup to a cruise but more personable. With a cabin charter, you only rent the cabin where you’ll sleep. You’ll be accompanied by both a professional crew and other guests on the yacht. 

This is another setup that’s perfect for those without sailing experience. Here, you can enjoy full service at a much lower price and you may even make some new friends along the way! The cabin charter comes with a pre-planned itinerary sometimes geared towards a topic like history or cuisine. 

Simply put, you’ll get a luxurious personal tour where you get to experience the very best your destination has to offer, at a reasonable price and without all the preparations.  

Reasons to go on a sailing vacation

A sailing charter can fit just about anyone regardless of previous sailing experience. To learn more, take a look at a sailing charter company, such as Navigare Yachting, and see what they offer. Navigare Yachting has a full coverage insurance package on all of their bookings including damage waiver. 

If you feel inspired to expand your travel horizons (literally), keep on reading. Below are some of the best reasons to book a sailing vacation now. 

Avoid the crowds

Contrary to just about any other vacation, the popularity of sailing vacations did nothing but increase over the years of the COVID pandemic. 

It’s the perfect way to spend your holiday away from the crowds. 

Instead of packed beaches and large resorts, the yacht is a wonderful oasis on the sea for just you and your group. 

It will give you access to the most beautiful hidden coves and beaches that can only be reached with a boat, so you’ll have them almost to yourselves. 

At the same time, it’s a safer way to travel since you don’t come in contact with thousands of people every day. 

Of course, you will also have many opportunities to step ashore and explore towns and populated islands if that’s what you prefer. 

You are never stuck at sea! 

See marine life up close

Who wouldn’t love the close view of vibrant fish straight out of a National Geographic episode? 

By spending all day on the water, you are likely to encounter schools of fish and a variety of other marine species. 

In the Caribbean, look for sea turtles, colorful fish, manatees, corals, and small sharks to name a few. If you are into snorkeling or scuba diving, you may also visit coral reefs and even shipwrecks teeming with marine life. 

The Mediterranean also offers a rich marine life and the chance to see dolphins, all kinds of fish, rays, seals, and more. Places like the Balearic islands and Croatia are great starting points for sailing adventures in the old continent.

With some luck, you have the chance to see bioluminescent plankton in many destinations around the world. They are a fascinating marine species of algae mainly visible at night thanks to their neon blue light. Together they make the ocean resemble a night sky full of stars. That’s one thing to cross off your bucket list!

Travel easily and bring your vacation home

Forget about the need to find accommodation for the night. On a sailing vacation, you always bring your vacation home with you. That freedom of never having to return to the same place makes it easy to visit a different town or island every day and get the most out of your trip. 

Think of it like a road trip on the water. You are never geographically restricted as you would normally be, and knowing that you always have a place to sleep for the night takes away a lot of the stress that can be associated with traveling. 

The time you might spend looking for accommodation can now be spent enjoying your adventure at sea instead.

Enjoy an active holiday

Whether you sail on your own or learn alongside a professional skipper, a sailing holiday definitely falls into the category of active vacations. Even if you leave the sailing entirely to someone else, you will likely spend time swimming, snorkeling, and exploring islands on foot. 

Furthermore, most water sports would probably not end up on your itinerary without a boat. During your sailing adventure, you have the opportunity to try anything from snorkeling and diving to wakeboarding and waterskiing. 

Perhaps take a morning and explore with a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard? An active vacation has a number of health benefits, helping you recharge your batteries and feel a lot more energized at the same time. 

Get an opportunity to learn sailing

If you are not a sailor yet, a yacht charter is a great opportunity to start learning at your own pace. You’ll be accompanied all day by a professional skipper who can share their skills. 

You can learn things like tying knots, working the ropes, steering, and navigating, without the pressure you might feel at a sailing school. 

That way, you’ll get a vacation with a dual purpose; learn something new while you enjoy a great travel adventure.

Take in beautiful sunsets and sunrises

How about watching the sunset from a boat? People often choose the beach as the place to watch the sunset, and it’s not without reason. With the ocean as your backdrop, you’ll get a gorgeous view of the vibrant sky behind the horizon. 

On a yacht charter, there is no need to find a beach or book a sunset cruise; the boat will be your own, private platform to watch the sun rise and set every day. 

Benefit from a good night’s sleep

Is there a better way to fall asleep than on a boat? Exchange the hard hotel bed for the comfort of the sleeping cabin and the noise of nightlife and honking cars with the rhythmic sound of waves against the hull. 

With a professional skipper onboard, you won’t need to worry about the anchor watch but can sleep comfortably through the night

Another reason people tend to sleep better after spending time by the ocean is the air. The fresh salty air can indirectly make us sleep better by increasing our ability to take up oxygen and balancing serotonin levels. Spending time outside and being active all day also play a huge role in sleep quality

Engage in a more sustainable way of traveling

Sailing in itself is great from a sustainability perspective since you only use the wind to power the vessel forward. The boat manufacturing industry has come a long way in making boats more eco-friendly, and it’s not uncommon today to see solar power systems on new sailing yachts

Other ways to make your sailing vacation more sustainable include taking the opportunity to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables, disposing waste responsibly, respecting wildlife habitats, and supporting local businesses when you can. 

Tailor your vacation to your needs and preferences

A vacation on the water can be anything you want it to be. 

Is your intention to unwind and take a break from your busy lifestyle? 

In that case, a sailing charter can be the perfect vacation to relax and spend time with friends and family. You can go for a morning swim, spend a lazy afternoon reading and take a stroll around the nearest island. 

On the other hand, a yacht vacation has the potential to be a real adventure. If a high-paced trip is more your style, you can spend your days snorkeling and diving, hiking mountains, exploring beautiful natural sites, and visiting a different island every day. 

Maybe you want a bit of both worlds and decide to relax on a beach during the day and experience a beach party at night? 

It’s completely up to you and your crew!

Conclusion: Benefits and perks of sailing holidays

The sailing yacht charter can be a great alternative to a cruise or any land getaway, and it doesn’t have to be more expensive. 

For the reasons mentioned above, it’s simply worth it! 

Whether you have never sailed before or have years of experience, there are options that fit every group and budget. Head over to Navigare Yachting to explore their destinations and different charter options. You can also get help from a charter agent who will walk you through the entire booking process and will be ready to assist anytime between booking and boarding. 

In conclusion, a sailing holiday is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories with loved ones, experience wildlife and nature like never before and learn something new. 

Sailing charters are also amazing platforms to relax and unwind with endless personal benefits. As an active vacation that is both rejuvenating and exciting, it will benefit your health and take your adventurous trip to the next level.

It is worth it in so many ways.