Top Safety Choices for Homeowners Whilst Traveling at Christmas

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As Christmas approaches, a lot of people like to pack up and spend the holiday season either in warmer climates or with family. Either way, you’re away from home, which can cause all sorts of problems if not ready. Continue reading to unveil the best safety choices for homeowners whilst traveling this upcoming holiday.

Home Insurance providers, Chill Insurance, surveyed 750 people to find out the common problems all homeowners deal with when traveling this time of year, which you can find in the infographic below.

I’m a homeowner, and one important factor when setting off on my travels is making sure the house is secure, whether this is letting neighbors know I’ll be away and to check up, or securing valuables. I’m not saying you’re more likely to be burgled at this time of year but there’s more at risk in the home, such as presents lying about. My personal choice is to leave lights on in the home, when out and if I’m away for a long period then get a neighbor to park in my driveway.

Of those surveyed, 21% of respondents have claimed on house insurance since moving into their property, which I find a surprising stat. This is due to many different factors, not just an empty home. Here’s some more advice for keeping the home safe whilst away:

1. Install a home security system

If the worst is to happen and your home is targeted, it’s better to be safe than sorry. A home security system and an alarm could stop anyone going any further and be ‘frightened’ off. You can get monitored security system enabling you to check in whilst away.

2. Lock all windows before traveling

This is obviously vital and something you’re likely to do anyway, but double-check two or three times to make sure before heading out.

3. Protect all possessions with insurance

The last thing you want to do whilst away is worrying. Getting the right home insurance before you leave gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy the Christmas holidays.