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Some months ago, a well-known website launched a series of tips to inspire and help travelers to create their own RTW planning. During 30 days, a daily mail would advise a single step to bring all those wanderlust dreams to life. But what if you do not have that much time before your trip? Let’s size down the list to 4 steps.

1. Begin to understand:

WHAT – Do you have what it takes?

WHY – What is your Why?

WHERE – How to decide where to go? / Solidifying your Route

Warm late May day in Dalvik, Iceland

Warm late May day in Dalvik, Iceland

WHEN – How soon can you seriously go?

WHO – Are you going solo? in a couple? with a group or your family?

Cabarceno Park at dawn. Spain

Cabarceno Park at dawn. Spain

2. How? Get serious!

BORDERS – Sorting out visas for your RTW trip

BUDGET – Estimating your budget / Cutting expenses and adding income / Downloading an international calling App / Money – ATM’s, credit cards, access, and safety

WHAT’S LEFT BEHIND – Telling family and friends /Its time to part with “stuff”/ what should you do with your job? / Getting rid of housing / Automate the boring stuff

TRANSPORTATION – RTW ticket or Buy as you go? / Overland travel, perfect for the RTW traveler

Overlooking Baffin Bay from my plane to Vancouver

Overlooking the Baffin Bay from my plane to Vancouver

ACCOMMODATION – Where will you stay? / The benefits of slowing down

3. Just one life, use your common sense!

HEALTH – All you need to know about shots and immunizations / Staying healthy on the road

SAFETY – Picking the best travel health insurance for you / Staying safe on the road

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4. Last but not least:

PACKING – Backpack, suitcase, or hybrid? / Which gadgets (if any) will you bring on your RTW trip? / Your ultimate packing list

Pack, unpack, repeat

Pack, unpack, repeat

MISCELLANEOUS (Should you start a travel blog for your RTW trip? / Working or volunteering on the road / Final RTW checklist

What about you? Any tips for planning a RTW trip?

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