Best Route To Visit Japan In 8 Days

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Japan is a country that fascinates and surprises. The Nippon land, which is the third largest national economy in the world combines high-quality technology and respect for ancient traditions in such a perfect harmony, that we, western cultures, still wonder how the Japanese mindset adapts. Here is our guide to embracing the diversity of the Japanese culture, following the best route to visit Japan in 8 days.

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So plan ahead, pick your travel essentials, and book your plane tickets as soon as you can! 

Remember as well to grab a book of Japanese essential phrases, as our recommendations take you through the deeply mystic heart of Japan in only eight days.


Day 1: Tokyo

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Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is the home of over eight million people. This is also the world’s largest city and it offers a mix of all horizons: Temples and sacred shrine on the one hand, and clogged up freeways on the others. Tokyo is a mixture of old and new, living together peacefully. Stop at the Imperial Palace in the center, and then pay a visit to the poshest shopping street just around the corner.

Stop at the Imperial Palace in the center, and then pay a visit to the poshest shopping street just around the corner.

Day 2: Remember Cherry Blossom

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The Cherry blossom festival, or hanami, is held every year in April across the entire country. You will be able to enjoy traditional picnics and night parties, while you can feast on delicious Japanese pancakes filled with sweet custards.

Make sure to tune into the weather stations to know the dates of the hanami when you plan your visit  

Day 3: Hakkaidô and Kyoto

Hakkaidô is a lively region and sits just next to Japan’s largest national park. You will find amazing sake breweries offering tour experiences. Some recipes have not changed in centuries, so you know that you are getting a true taste of Japanese culture. Although do make sure that you have planned a hearty lunch before you start: Sake is renowned for being a treacherous drink that goes easily to your head.

You can then travel to Kyoto where you will start your final journey in Japan.

Days 4 to 8: Lose Yourself Into A Sacred Communion With Nature

Japan offers many pilgrimage destinations from sacred shrines in temples to official pilgrims’ paths. The Kansai region, for example, south of Kyoto, offers one of the most mystical hiking routes that lets visitors lose themselves into the contemplation of life and spirituality as they walk and follow the self-guide Kumano Kodo tours.

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It is not uncommon for the Japanese culture to show a deeper respect and understanding for mystical spirituality than our western culture. It is impossible to experience Japan fully if you don’t open yourself up to traditions over 1,000-year-old that help connect the mind to nature and to the spiritual beyond.

Whether it changes your perspective on life or not is a gamble to take. What it will do, though, is provide you with a state of relaxation in nature that you would not be able to experience anywhere else.

If you are aware of western traditions, you will appreciate the simplicity and the natural approach of the Japanese civilization to the mystic side of existence!


Do you have any tips to add to this 8 days in Japan itinerary? Let us know in the comments below!

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