Rome in Black and White

The Vatican [800×600]

Dan Perdomo writes for Elite Travel Blog. He’s planning on traveling the world when he wins the lottery or finds a huge deal like those  Halfords promo codes 2013. Until then he’s traveling a new city every birthday; his favorite city so far is Rome.

Before my 21st birthday, I decided to visit a new city every birthday for the rest of my life. Looking for inspiration as to the first city on this lifelong journey, I stumbled upon the Trevi Fountain. I was instantly in love and had to see it with my own eyes – my first city would be Rome. Four years on and Rome is still my favorite city – and I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Here are my favorite photos from the best four days of my life.

The Trevi Fountain [800x600]

This is what started it all – The Trevi Fountain. Pictures on the internet simply don’t do it justice. Its grand size makes your jaw drop as you realize it covers an entire building wall! My only regret was not throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain which apparently cements my return to the Eternal City in the future!

Vittorio Emmanuel II Monument [800x600]

Another attraction which pictures don’t do its size justice is the Vittorio Emmanuel II Monument. Locally it’s known as ‘The White Elephant’ because it’s ugly and the white marble makes it stand out but I think it’s rather beautiful! The view from the top is breathtaking too.

St. Paul [800x600]

I still find this statue of St. Paul terrifying! He ‘greets’ you as you enter St. Peter’s Basilica.

Apostles [800x600]

Possibly my favorite photo from Rome, I love it because it looks like the Apostles are looking out and protecting the city.

Turtle fountain [800x600]

I was lost and stumbled upon this gorgeous fountain of men helping turtles to water. I’ve never seen it mentioned as a ‘must-see’ in Rome but I think it deserves more attention. Located in the Jewish district of Rome, I love this fountain because I had it all to myself.

The Vatican [800x600]

This is the staircase as you exit The Vatican Museum. To this day I still wonder if my camera lens was dirty or if this orb was a ghost!

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  1. Ribazul

    Roma! También es mi ciudad favorita.
    Es como un inmenso museo al aire libre.
    … y yo si tiré una moneda en la Fontana de Trevi 🙂

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