A Romantic Weekend In Lisbon: The Perfect Valentine’s Mini-Break

Trams are part of Lisbon inhabitants  daily routine

We all know that destinations like Paris and New York win people’s hearts, but there are plenty of other great cities around the world too that shouldn’t fly under your radar! Lisbon, Portugal’s hilly capital, is definitely one of them. With hidden courtyards, charming twisting back streets and colorful houses it oozes charm and romance. Here are some pointers to help you plan your trip.

Book Your Transportation

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The last thing you want on your romantic weekend is to be waiting around for buses and missing connections! So make sure all of your transportation is booked, and you know where you need to be ahead of time. You may want to book a Lisbon airport taxi so there’s no waiting around after your flight, that way you avoid hassle getting to the hotel. If you’re hiring a car, make sure you have all of the relevant documents and paperwork.

Choose a Place to Stay

Want something self-catering, private and spacious? How about renting a villa for the weekend? For something a little cozier and more compact, you could rent an apartment instead. Alternatively, you could stay in one of the many gorgeous hotels Lisbon has to offer. Decide on the kind of break you want and go from there. If you want the convenience of dining, shopping, entertainment and accommodation in one place, then a hotel or resort will be perfect. If you just want a place you can lay your head as you know you’ll be out exploring the city all day, then an apartment would do the trick.

Decide Where You Will Eat

If you’re only in Lisbon for the weekend, it doesn’t give you too much opportunity to be trying different restaurants and cafes. So when you do stop for food, you want to make sure it’s perfect. If you’re visiting for an anniversary or Valentines Day, on the evening itself you might want to book something extra special; there are a number of high-end and luxury establishments to choose from. During the day you might want to try out some authentic Portuguese food. You could do this by visiting markets and trying street food. Or by eating at one of the many cafes.

Look Into Fun Things To Do In Lisbon

Lisbon has some incredible sights and architecture, so you won’t want to forget your camera. From world heritage gothic monasteries to castles to towers. Then, of course, you have beautiful beaches to either relax or explore so really you get the best of both worlds with this destination. There’s a zoo, galleries, museums, parks and so much more. The perfect place to walk hand in hand, and take it all in with the one you love!

If you’re looking for a quaint destination with plenty of places to explore, gorgeous weather and packed full of romance and charm you won’t go far wrong with Lisbon.

Have you ever visited Portugal or Lisbon? Where’s your ideal destination for a romantic weekend away?

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