Top 5 Unmissable Road Trips In The UK

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Most people love road trips, and considering the thrill and excitement that comes with the scenic drive that comes when driving through the British countryside, road trips in the UK shall remain the go to activity to many who want to experience the beauty of the country.

No matter the destination, the following are the 5 best UK road trips that you should not miss in your lifetime:

1. Southwest England’s Atlantic Highway

This 135 mile highway gives a wide beauty of southwest England. It gives you some of the biggest views in this region. The road starts from Bridgewater to Bude and unfolds along the Cornish and Devon coast. Some of the features to be enjoyed include the Exmoor National Park and hikes on the hilly moors. This road trip is great for surfers and can take up to 5 days. This experience will make you want to go back, and to those who are new to road trips, it will surely make them addicted.

2. Snake Pass-Peak District, England

It’s located in Derbyshire in Peak District and crosses the Pennines and Ladybower Reservoir. It is a great ride and has beautiful views of the National Trusts’s High Peak Estate. It is 42 miles with the highest point being 347 meters, It can take 1 hour and 15 minutes to drive. The scenery is extremely beautiful and easily arrests the eye.

3. The Scottish Highlands and Isle of Skye

With breathtaking scenery, the Isle of Skye has dramatic landscapes which form the scenic beauty of Scotland. It is possible to drive on it for just half a day, however, because there is so much to be seen, admired and explored, it can take 3 days. To get to Skye, you may consider using a car hire service and check this shop – – beforehand as this is one of the most remote areas in the country. And you know what they say: Better safe than sorry!

This road trip will leave you with great memories to remember. For those who adore photography, the spectacular views would make extremely beautiful images.

4. The Cat and Fiddle

Known as one of the bendiest roads in the UK, it is names after the inn at its summit, also claimed to be the second highest in Britain. It offers extremely amazing and breathtaking views of Manchester and the Cheshire Plain as well as the Peak District Peak. Again, should you wanted to rent a car, you might want to have a look into some of the secrets to saving money on your holiday hire car.

5. Penrith to Haydon

Named by AA as one of the best driving roads in the UK, THE A686 from Penrith to Haydon is a particularly great experience. It is specifically known for being enjoyable during summer. It is right underneath the Northumberland National Park and goes over many sleep towns and over many bridges while at the same time offering very spectacular views.

In conclusion, the list includes the best road trips that you should not miss in the UK. Even though there are many other roads that would provide amazingly spectacular views, the ones provided should not be missed in this lifetime. Enjoy!