Here Are 5 Otherworldly Reasons Why You Should Visit Iceland

Goðafoss Waterfall – Iceland gems – A World to Travel

Iceland has been making its way as the top tourist destination of late owing to its rich natural beauty. From hot springs to volcanoes, ice cave tours, quaint fishing towns to beautiful fjords, Iceland offers a variety of experiences for those smitten with wanderlust. Whether you take a thrilling road trip with your friends or decide to explore Iceland as a solo traveler, the best way to do it is at your own pace, allowing some time to mingle with the locals and getting lost. 

Here are five reasons why you must plan a trip to Iceland soon:

1. Embrace the Beauty of Northern Lights

The first of our list of reasons why you should visit Iceland next is witnessing the magical Iceland Northern Lights, something that should be on every explorer’s bucket list. Also commonly known as Aurora Borealis, during this phenomenon, the entire sky lights up with colorful dancing lights.  This breathtaking phenomenon is best-witnessed post evening and is commonly observed in Jokulsarlon lagoon during the months which fall between September and April. 

2. Take a dip in Blue Lagoon

If you like clicking pictures for memories, Blue Lagoon is a must-visit place for you. 

This moody misty hot pool does not just look great in the pictures, but can also work wonders on your skin. The silica and sulfur content present in the water can actually leave your skin glowing. The lava rocks surrounding this pool further add to the charismatic appeal of this popular place.

The best way to reach Blue Lagoon is by driving down to this place in your private car.

3. Trek amidst the mountains

Iceland is known worldwide for its alluring landscapes.

The several mountain peaks surrounding this region add an extra ounce of charm to the magical wonderland. All these peaks are multicolored, with some being pink or purple and the others being shades of brown and black. No matter which Iceland hiking tours you choose to embark on, these multicolored mountain ranges make for a spectacular view and a rewarding experience.

For instance, thru-hiking the iconic Laugavegur Trail when the weather allows from June to September, is sure to leave you in awe of nature. 100% guaranteed.

4. Witness the volcanoes

Known popularly as the island of ice and fire, Iceland has plenty of active volcanoes that have not erupted in several years. However, there are some inactive volcanoes that are surrounded by rivers, lakes, and beaches, thus making for a memorable visit.

The entire landscape surrounding this region looks magnificent and must be visited by every traveler who visits Iceland.

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5. Explore the ice caves

Sure you must have seen the ice caves of Iceland in several movies, but exploring it firsthand is a totally different experience altogether. These ice caves are generally hidden inside the many glaciers surrounding this country. Some are found near the glaciers as well.

One of the must-visit ice caves is the one in Langjokull glacier. This ice cave is manmade and gives the most wonderful experience with colorful lights falling on the crystal walls.

All these beautiful places set amidst Iceland are surely going to blow your mind with their enchanting beauty. Have a look at these Iceland packages Firebird has put together and get ready to explore all that this otherworldly country has to offer!

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