5 Reasons Why Postcards Are The Best Souvenir Out There

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Whether Xmas is approaching, your favorite gal is having her birthday soon, your brother just got promoted, the destination you are enjoying these days is stunning and you want to share it with the world or the girl you met at that Bangkok hostel is having a baby; there’s nothing quite like sending a personal postcard to join in the celebrations, share good news and awe-inspiring pictures, and wish the best to your people.

Even these days, when it seems all things digital took over any paper-based goods, sending postcards is cool AF. Take my word, you can never go wrong with this advice.

Here are 5 reasons why we send postcards from our travels:


1. Postcards take you places

Just think of the latest hand-written letters and postcards you got. I am pretty sure they included some gorgeous pics of both close and far destinations or, at least, a brief description of a place and time.


2. Postcards have that personal touch nothing can replace

Magnets, sweets, wood boxes, ceramic goods, music records, seeds. Whatever thing you might think of, it has been given as a present by someone before. However, even when people usually think carefully about what to buy depending on the person that will receive it, the truth is most times than not, presents and souvenirs lack personality and – IMHO – taste.

Writing your own thoughts on a piece of paper gives more meaning than gifting a t-shirt. Period.


3. Postcards have a small carbon footprint

Particularly if those postcards have been printed on a recycled piece of paper.

And being kind of sustainable or at least having a small impact is great news these days when we are literally trashing our planet at the fastest pace ever.


4. Postcards are hip

If there was a time when even I was worried about the future of post offices and officers – and then somewhat relieved when I realized all those people would still keep their jobs given the fact that the regular postage was being replaced for boxes due to the internet era and online shopping phenomena – thank god I am not any more concerned about this issue.

For some reason, hanging memories on the walls was never out of fashion and these days postcards are still enjoying some golden days.


5. Postcards are some of the most affordable souvenirs out there

Especially with some companies like MyPostcard out there, that allows you to design your own customized postcard and send it anywhere from 1,99€ using your own photos and a personal note.

And you can send them from their website or directly from your phone with their iOS or Android app. What’s not to love?


Have I missed any reasons why postcards are the best souvenir? Do you usually send postcards to friends and family when you travel? Let me know in the comments below.

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