10 Reasons To Visit La Palma Now

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1. Appreciating one of the lesser known Canary Islands

Along with El Hierro and La Gomera, La Palma enjoys a privileged location West of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria the main touristic spots in the Canary Islands. But fear not, that only means you will be able to have a more genuine experience and still, uncover deserted beaches, stunning volcanoes and out of this world landscapes without the crowds.

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2. Getting pampered without breaking the bank

No matter which currency you travel with, La Palma prices are some of the most affordable ones I’ve seen in some time. Think of a ‘barraquito’ – special caffeinated drink that includes several layers of goodness: condensed milk, liquor, expresso coffee, milk, lemon zest and ground cinnamon – from 0.6€ and a complete daily menu in a local restaurant from 6€ and you will not want to leave.

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3. Awesome weather conditions all year round

Being part of the Canary Islands archipelago, temperatures suffer little to none variations from Summer to Winter, what makes it ideal to escape the rough European winters.

There are chances of witnessing the infamous ‘Panza de Burro’ – big cloud formed mainly in the Eastern part of La Palma – as well as some showers every now and then. But these are none but part of the balanced ecosystem that keeps the island as lush and green as it should always be. Just remember to pack a light rain jacket and a fleece and you’ll be good to go!

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4. Getting into the island mood

And immediately being contagious with the outrageous joy La Palma inhabitants decided to stick with for good. There is no way around it. These guys know how to welcome, make you feel home, treat, invite and make sure you will have a hell of a time in their particular paradise.

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5. Putting your body strengths to a test

In case you are looking for some good old exercise, in La Palma you will find a range of outdoorsy exciting activities to keep you fit and wanting for more. The hilly terrain, filled with high mountains and deep valleys, is excellent for mountain biking, hiking, running, trekking, climbing, paragliding, diving and exploring the surroundings without the assisted help of an engine.

Finally, should you really want to attempt something extraordinary, have a look to the Transvulcania race and mark the next edition in your calendar. Epic doesn’t even start making it justice.

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6. Awakening your senses

Perhaps I have been induced to a ultra sensorial experience when visiting La Palma. Enhanced flavors, smells, textures, sounds and ultimately, eye candy wherever you looked at.

Video by the very talented Haritz Rodriguez and Rebeca Rodriguez about our experience in La Palma.

But something tells me that this happens to everyone visiting the island if they are really willing to take in all it has to offer. When distractions are silenced, after you ditch shopping, turn off your cellphone, skip bar rounds, avoid crowds, and everything in between, then is when you can start feeling all there is to feel there. Up to you!


7. Taking star gazing to a complete new level

Apart from the fact that La Palma hosts one of the biggest observatories in the world, The ‘Gran Tecan’, the clear skies, altitude and low light pollution make it for something unique: the chance of rediscover what is above of us and how insignificant and minuscule we are.


Star gazing under the unreal and barely light polluted #escuchalapalma sky? Check! :) ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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8. Showing off your photography skills

Because this.

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And this.

La Palma - Canary Islands- A World to Travel-19

And this.

La Palma - Canary Islands- A World to Travel-13

The list could go on. Endless camera opportunities wherever you head within the almost 800 square km of the island that will make your pictures look good no matter what.


9. Rediscovering the art of being amazed every 10 minutes

It all starts when you cross the ‘time tunnel’ in between Breña Alta and El Paso. A slight change of altitude, a huge change in the weather conditions and landscape. From dense fog to a sea of clouds, from thick forests to vast volcanic plains. But soon you realize that this is only the rule. Every turn you make, around every corner, a new eye-catching scenery awaits.

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And they are all different and diverse, in a full color palette that ranges from the neon green moss to the most absolute black of the volcanic sand, the white of the sea foam, the deep orange of the colors waterfall, the light blue of the sky, the pink of the flowers covering the eroded lava fields in the distance. Every color is represented and they all have its chance to shine.

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10. Ultimately, just enjoying the silence

Because you are a smart individual that appreciates the beauty when it is layered in front of you, you will be also able to enjoy the quietness of the island.



I am going to miss this so much! #escuchalapalma


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Say hi from me!




When to visit La Palma

All year round. Easy

Where to stay in La Palma

Try Hotel Las Olas, Los Cancajos. I spent there 4 nights and barely used its facilities (awesome pool anyone?) but that only means I was having a blast everywhere else around the island. Still, when the night came, I had the chance of unwind and get a proper sleep there so it might work for you as well!

What to eat in La Palma

Another article will follow with more info about the restaurants I had the chance of visiting, but for now, here’re my top eats: Anything avocado, barraquito, papas con mojo palmero, fresh catches of the day, lamb and malvasia wine!

How to get to La Palma

Vueling and Iberia Express fly from different locations in Spain. Canary Fly might be worth a look as well, specially if you are looking to combine more Canary Island destinations at once.





Disclaimer: I was invited to uncover all the beauty of La Palma and was hosted by Tourism of La Palma after entering the Escucha La Palma competition with a small video you can watch here.

Do you have more reasons to visit La Palma? Are you planning your trip to the island? Let us know in the comments below. It is always great to hear back from you guys!

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  1. Vicky and Buddy

    Absolutely beautiful photographs! I’ve never heard of this island, but it looks gorgeous. I’d love to do some stargazing there and maybe practicing my night photography.

  2. Vanessa

    My favourite thing about camping is the opportunities it affords for star gazing and the stars in La Palma look incredible. It’s what I miss most living in the city.

  3. mags

    Looks beautiful, and after getting back from Iceland, I could really use a trip that doesn’t break the bank!

  4. Jen

    I have heard about the star gazing – and now you’ve given me so many more reasons to visit. Great weather, hiking, and inexpensive. I am in!

  5. travelwithmrst

    I love all your photography (and not just in #8!) especially your pose with the breathtaking scenery in #10! Looks beautiful there! Will have to go there someday!

  6. Jennifer @ Made all the Difference

    I’ll have to add this to my list of places to visit in the Canary Islands. It looks like my kind of island. Low tourist level and lots of outdoor activities to enjoy. The cliffs look like fun to hike along.

  7. Bethaney - Flashpacker Family

    Absolutely beautiful photos Inma! You’ve made me really want to go to La Palma.

  8. Mauxi Leal

    Tus 10 razones para visitar La Palma son muy buenas, pero las imágenes son una auténtica maravilla. Gracias por hacer que me enamore de nuevo de la bonita isla en la que vivo. Amazing photos!!! Un placer conocerte y compartir buenos ratos “escuchando La Palma” :-)

    • Inma

      Gracias e igualmente Mauxi! Ha sido genial poder disfrutar de tu isla contigo! Espero que nuestros caminos se crucen pronto de nuevo :)

  9. Ana Isabel

    A veces no nos tomamos el tiempo suficiente para conocer a una persona o disfrutar de un lugar. En mi caso, leyendo tu post creo que el tiempo vivido en La Palma contigo fue insuficiente. Viendo tus fotografías entiendo por qué te eligieron para acompañarnos. Enhorabuena.

    • Inma

      Muchas gracias por tus palabras Ana! Casi me cae una lagrimilla. Estoy segura de que tendremos tiempo y tiempo de conocernos mas en un futuro proximo. Abrazo fuerte desde Galicia!

  10. agremon

    After you, I like La Palma. Most: I love La Palma. At the moment, it’s a platonic love… I will go first to leave the platonic mode!

    • Inma

      You need a ‘La Palma’ fix :) We’ll talk about that next weekend and make sure you’ll get it soon!

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