Top 6 Reasons to Visit Canada

Woman with a beanie in Whistler Canada

Is visiting Canada on your wish list?

Have you ever thought about why Canada is among the top countries that enjoy nice tourism ratings?

It’s no secret that Canada contains wonderfully rich attractions that should compel anyone to visit, so here are some potential reasons you should visit Canada at least once a year.

Unified in Diversity

Despite the enormous variety of cultures in Canada – you ought to visit the county to see how the diversity of cultures blend together and make a solid, beautiful country. The diversity of Canada is also reflected in the climates, flora, and fauna – and nature in general.

If you visit the urban hubs, you will be surprised to see them full of different ethnic cuisines and well-planned market districts. That said, you won’t have to worry whether you are accepted in Canada or not or whether you will find your favorite cuisine or not – as Canada is unified in diversity.

Grand Cities

Another potential reason to visit Canada is its big cities which are amazing to live in. Toronto – the commercial capital and Canada’s cultural and entertainment hub- is something you will absolutely fall in love with. On the other side, we have the grand city of Vancouver, which is also the home of nature and adventure lovers.

Then we also have Ottawa, where one fun festival keeps coming after the other. If you decide to visit the city of Quebec, you will be mesmerized by its amazing heritage sites and monuments that can be extremely delightful to all visitors.

But, you will also never get bored of Canadian road trips – these are an absolute must if you plan to visit remote spots in Canada and, of course, the national parks. Are you still wondering why many people move to Canada from the USA every year?

Amazing Outdoor Activities

Canada has amazing national parks – besides, there are countless outdoor activities to enjoy in Canada. Throughout your stay in Canada, it would be a waste of opportunities if you were to remain in your hotel room for a day – without stepping out.

You have so many amazing things to do – from fossil hunting to hiking. You can also go portaging and canoeing between beautiful lakes, mountain climbing, and so on. Once you are in Canada, loads of fun outdoor activities will be beckoning at you.

You might as well visit the San Juan Islands and watch the beautiful whales – or you might participate in bungee jumping in the Cheakamus River. If you are a lover of the wilderness and enjoy the thrill of life, you might want to go skating on the Rideau Canal.

Specialty Food Cuisines

Foods are an excellent reason to visit Canada – each region and ethnicity has favorites and specialties. You might confuse a Canadian waiter if you request Canadian cuisine. For instance, a taste of poutine, the delight of French Canada in Quebec, will take you back there.

This amazing food contains cheese curds on fries that are immersed in gravy – very delicious. You must, however, also hear about maple syrup – the popular Canadian maple syrup will certainly increase your appreciation of the amazing maple trees in Canadian forests.

While the Canadian flag displays the maple leaf, you should know that it is not only about the delicious snack – you must also try other Canadian specialty foods, such as Pierogi, that are filled with delicious potatoes. Usually, Canadians have this food as an appetizer.

You get the point – once you are in Canada, you must check out their amazing kitchen specialties – the Canadian’s very own delicious foods.

Friendly People

Another reason to visit Canada includes the fact that there are friendly people. The people are genuinely friendly and as a first–time visitor, you won’t have to wonder why Canada is among the friendliest countries on the planet.

More or less, you only need five minutes with the Canadians to confirm this. Pleasing words, such as “please,” “sorry,” and “thanks,” are abundantly used in Canada. The Canadian smiles are contagious, and their faces are open and welcoming. Usually, Canadians are more than willing to help foreigners.

Amazing Weather

The seasons are amazing in Canada – the weather contributes to loads of great activities in the thrilling season in the country. You will find a different range of seasons, from the harsh winters to the warm summers. The winter will enable you to enjoy plenty of ski and snow activities anywhere in the country.

You also need to go to Canada to experience how the change in temperature in autumn leaves the leaf stunning and pretty. Don’t forget to take your camera with you as you will be taking loads of pictures in Canada.