Reasons why Barbados is the ultimate travel destination

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A coral island off the coastline of Central America, Barbados is the place where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea at its eastern edge. The excellent environment that the place provides for scuba diving and snorkelling is mainly due to the ring of coral reefs around the islands. Barbados gains its unique geology owing to its location on the boundary of the South American and Caribbean continental plates. The core of this island is made up mainly of coral sediments and is home to numerous underground lakes and caves. Harrison’s Cave is arguably the most famous of the lot, thanks to the artistic network of stalactites, stalagmites, pools, waterfalls and caves.

Reasons to visit Barbados

When you think of the “Caribbeans”, the first island that comes to your mind is Barbados. A quintessential luxury island, your life will be incomplete if you do not visit it at least once. However, if you are still looking for reasons that will convince you to visit this veritable paradise-on-Earth, here are ten of the best.

  • Scrumptious cuisine

While picking the best country to spend your holiday in, you can never discount the Caribbean-cuisine foods that are a trademark of Barbados and celebrated the world over for their menagerie of festive colors and flavors. In all honesty, you will get every penny’s worth of your trip to the Caribbeans by simply tasting these fine delights from their cuisine. Don’t miss out on the Cobblers Cove Restaurant and Sunbury Plantation House if you are interested about finding out the best that Barbados has to offer in terms of culinary delights.

  • Wide array of activities

From nightlife and options of sightseeing to the many land and water sports characteristic to this place, there is a broad assortment of activities to take part in over the course of your stay in Barbados. So you will never get bored of life on the islands but always find something to keep yourself engaged with.

The native Bajan people of Barbados island are hospitable, helpful, welcoming and friendly. While you are sure to like them, it is reassuring to know that they are also sure to like you back. While visiting a foreign land, what more do you need than welcoming and hospitable natives who take it upon themselves to make your stay a pleasant one.

  • Snorkel with the turtles

Agreed, there are many more places around the world where you can snorkel underwater with turtles. However, throw in the contrasting ocean and gorgeous white sand of the Barbados islands and the experience is unparalleled. There are also a number of shipwrecks around these islands where you can swim around while enjoying the diversity and beauty of the accompanying marine life.

Reasons to visit Barbados A World To Travel TURTLE

If monkeys are the animals that you love the most, then you are sure to consider this the most amazing of all places that you have ever visited. From the very moment that you step in through the gates, you will be amazed to notice the abundance of these creatures all over the place. The wildlife here is also very diverse and you get to see a number of the local species thriving in their natural setting. Although famous mainly for its green monkeys, the fact that its open ambience allows to get closer to the animals is what makes this place truly enchanting.

  • Hunte’s gardens

A walk through these gardens is akin to a trip through paradise- lush and quiet with an array of beautiful plants. Start to take in the beautiful surroundings and you won’t even notice how fast the hours pass by. You need enough time in hand for taking in a feel of this place that is sure to produce visions of paradise in your minds. The tropical flowers in this region have the hue of a live rainbow while the relaxing atmosphere is unlike what you may have ever experienced before. So when you are exploring Barbados, this place is a must see.

  • Lively nightlife

When it comes to matching the exciting nightlife in Barbados, few other tropical country will be capable of standing up to the challenge. Alive and kicking even to this day, long since disco-life has faded from our memories to make way for pop culture, the myriad forms and vibrance of nocturnal entertainment in Barbados will surely take you back in time to the heydays of the seventies. This place is undoubtedly a paradise for the party-goers.

  • Great resorts

Barbados has an excellent range of resorts that you can choose from. From the ones that can knock your socks off to the less unpretentious ones, the island runs the gamut of it all. Make sure you do not miss a night’s stay at the Butterfly Beach Hotel in Barbados while visiting this Caribbean island.

  • Wondrous golfing greens

“Impressive” is the first word that comes to mind when you think of the golfing scene existing in Barbados. If you are a golf aficionado, you will love the greens in this place irrespective of the part of the global map that you come from. With its perfect landscapes and lush, verdant slopes, the golfing experience in Barbados is unlike any other. The Royal Westmoreland Golf Course is a must see if you a fan of golf.

  • One-stop shopping destination

For shoppers stepping on to the shores of Barbados, Bridgetown is not the only option in terms of shopping districts that they have at hand. In fact, there are so many shops available on this island that, had it not been for the colossal resort-based industry of the nation, Barbados would have definitely made a name for itself as a shopping paradise. For those intent on getting quality for their purchases, Barbados is the place to be.

Reasons to visit Barbados A World To Travel BEACH SUNSET

Spending a holiday in Barbados is perhaps not as risk-free as one at the Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos. Nevertheless, Barbados is comparatively far cheaper and also boasts one of the lowest crime rates among the Caribbean islands. Moreover, with so much attractions on offer in the place, it is of little wonder to see so many people searching for a villa to rent in Barbados.


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