Top 5 Reasons To Choose Georgia As Your Next Travel Destination

Old Tbilisi – Top 5 Reasons To Choose Georgia As Your Next Travel Destination – A World to Travel

If you are on the fence about visiting this Eastern European country, wonder no more. Here are the reasons to choose Georgia as your next travel destination:

The Sun, the Sea and the Mountains

The unique country of Georgia is situated in the Transcaucasia at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

Throughout the world, Georgia is renowned for its high mountains with alpine green hills and even tropical forests.

Majestic mountain peaks have become the hallmark of Georgia.

Its climate is mild continental while clean air, 365 days of sun, amazing lakes, and mountainous rivers with abundant thermal springs alongside the Black Sea beaches make Georgia a perfect destination for recreation.

Georgian numerous resorts are divided into balneological, mountain-climatic, and high-mountainous. Among the most popular health resorts that are undoubtedly worth visiting, we can mention Borjomi, Utsera, Sairme, Kojori, Jama, Batumi, and Ureki. The world-recognized resort of Borjomi with its healing mineral waters is Georgia’s national pride.

After a busy city life full of anxiety and rush all you need is to get lost in the laps of Georgia’s stunning nature. This is exactly what you need to gain strength and harmony.

Georgia offers limitless varieties for spending your vacation.

The lovers of ecotourism can visit Svaneti and Tusheti regions where they can find nearly untouched nature with an authentic old-Georgian lifestyle.

Fans of extreme sports and winter recreation can enjoy their holidays at the world-class winter resorts of Gudauri or Bakuriani.

And finally, those who prefer trekking or climbing can conquer its numerous mountain peaks, the most famous of which is Kazbegi.

The waters of the Black Sea are eager to embrace you as well. Thus Georgia due to its diverse nature will heal not only your body but also your soul.

The country also offers great opportunities for extreme lovers. You can choose among trekking, climbing, cycling, paragliding, and jeep tours to Georgia and enjoy unforgettable active vacations.

Ancient History and Culture

Have you ever been dreaming about traveling to the past?

If your answer is positive then dreams come true. All you need is just to grab a ticket to Georgia – the country with rich history and intangible cultural heritage.

Georgia is a country with truly outstanding landscapes, medieval churches, monasteries, and ancient traditions. Here every stone is a silent witness of the rich past. The country is almost packed with shrines and ancient sights the majority of which are closely linked with Christianity. In Georgia religion has always been an indispensable part of the culture.

Numerous monasteries and churches were built many centuries ago. Most of them are included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

The list of must-visit places and most interesting things to do in Georgia includes Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery, Jvari Monastery in Mtskheta which is considered to be the first capital of Georgia. Today it’s the residence of the Georgian Orthodox Apostolic Church.

All the sights show the high artistic and cultural levels attained by this ancient kingdom.

Gergeti church, Georgia

Apart from religious shrines, there are a lot of historical monuments.

The top tourist destination is leading us to Upper Svaneti which represents an outstanding combination of mountain scenery with medieval villages and authentic tower houses. The cave town of Vardzia is also an exciting place to visit. This unique cave city, carved into the steep hill wall at an altitude of 1300 m is an outstanding example of Georgian medieval architecture.

The wine capital of the world

Not everyone knows that Georgia was one of the first countries in the world that produced wine using fermentation in special egg-shaped jars called «kvevri».

Archaeologists proved that native Georgian wine-making in kvevri have been in use for more than 8000 years and now is a part of the intangible heritage of humanity according to UNESCO.

Wine in Georgia is a national treasure attracting tourists and wine lovers from all over the world. For many centuries wine making was not only the basis of Georgia’s economy and wealth but also part of its spiritual culture. Wine for a Georgian is not just a drink.

The wine strengthens the national spirit and unites the guests over a traditional Caucasian feast table called «supra». Grapevine is sung in Georgian legends and folk songs.

Foodies’ Paradise

Never visit Georgia if you are planning to lose weight otherwise you tend to fail. Being situated at the crossroads of different cultures and traditions Georgian cuisine has embraced all the best flavors and tastes of Caucasian and European nations creating something extremely delicious.

There are plenty of options suitable for every tourist and budget: you can try local food both at street cozy cafes and high-scale restaurants. The taste will not change either way. Georgian cuisine is rather spicy and fatty with an abundance of herbs and greens. The must-try dishes are khachapuri, khinkali, various sorts of cheese, barbecue, and kebab.

For sweet lovers, we offer to try churchkhela- nuts cooked in grape juice. Another extremely tasty and nourishing sweet is gozinaki again made of various nuts and honey. Local cuisine is twice delicious combined with world-famous Georgian hospitality

Tbilisi – the Georgian Pearl

The capital city of Georgia Tbilisi is undoubtedly considered the pearl of the country.

In Georgia, all the roads lead to Tbilisi. The city is the center of political, cultural, and tourist life. Tbilisi offers a perfect mixture of modern and ancient.

Along with modernistic buildings, you will find small cozy streets with heartwarming cafes, souvenir shops, and lively bazaars where you can buy examples of Georgian national crafts such as enameled jewelry called minankari. Tbilisi as a modern capital offers various options for spending time: rich nightlife with several clubs and music fests, green areas, recreation parks, and lots of museums. We think that even wandering along the cozy streets of Tbilisi is already a huge reason to visit this wonderful country.


There are so many exciting places to visit in Georgia as well as reasons to travel to this hospitable country. Just embark on a proper Georgian road trip and let Georgia embrace you!

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  1. Singa

    Georgia is a beautiful country with lots of history. Would you be able to mention some tips for trekking, climbing, cycling, and paragliding?

  2. Mike

    Me and my girlfriend arrived by plane to Tbilisi and were impressed with the beautiful landscapes. There nature is really wonderful and virgin. And cuisine is delicious too!

  3. rianulla

    Georgia it is a beautiful and hospitable country! I spent an unforgettable vacation here in May 2016.From the positive sides I will note: beautiful nature, historical places, hospitable people, natural products, inexpensive to eat, generally quite budgetary, spring is gorgeous.
    Disadvantages: local residents. do not observe the rules of the road.

  4. Anna

    I totally agree! Here you can find everything for the soul and body. Every day from early morning until late at night you can enjoy the view, the place, the traditional dishes, the upbringing and respect of the local people

  5. Sergej

    Georgia is a beautiful country with a rich history. My associations with Georgia are good and hospitable people, high mountains, the most delicious food and wine, the oldest Orthodox churches, healing mineral water. Georgia is my love!

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