Our 10 Reasons To Attend V de Valares Music Festival. An Indie Paradise in Galicia.

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We finally made it!

Happier than a 5-year-old, we are just back from V de Valares. One of the music festivals we told you about already in our Galicia festivals article last year, and that we had longed to attend since its first edition 10 years back.

This was our 6th music festival this Summer (here’s how we are dealing with so much festival hopping should you were curious or interested) and it just won the prize to the most civilized one.

Without further ado, here are the things that make V de Valares stand out in the music festival sea madness.


Why To Attend V de Valares Music Festival?

1. A location beautiful AF.

By a well-preserved pine tree forest and the sandy Balares beach, in Ponteceso, Costa da Morte, Galicia.

The most beautiful spots in Galicia you should add to your list now.

2. Sustainable and eco-friendly.

Integrating an international squad of eco-warriors and volunteers, clean energy, a zero waste policy and much more, V de Valares is even more sustainable than people would care.

And that is one of the reasons behind some of its ‘downsides’ as not having enough toilets spread across the festival grounds (in fact there is only one spot by the main stage with WC facilities) or showers for that matter.

Not being able to bring any alcoholic beverages or sodas at the campsite is another one (food and water are permitted!).

But hey! No one said it was going to be ‘easy’! So put your festival mode on and go with the flow as soon as you cross the main gates and you should be fine have a blast!

Galicia is heaven on earth. Here’s proof.

3. A surprisingly great choice of bands.

There were about 30 bands but we could only enjoy about half of them as we arrived Friday evening and left the festival a day before it ended (no Sunday fun day for us) as we needed to take care of a previously sealed commitment.

In any case, due to how great they sounded, the special connection with the audience and how fun they were, the following gigs will be cherished and remembered for years to come.

Friday, August 12th.

  • 20.45 – The Limboos
  • 22.45 – Perro
  • 23.55 – Rah Rah

If you ask me, they sounded a bit like Arcade Fire. Also Canadians, but from Saskatchewan instead of Montreal, and approachable (we kept seeing all the members having fun as everyone else during the whole weekend), this band is definitely a keeper.

  • 01.20 – The Bellrays

I swear in my next life I want to have a black soul voice. God save The Bellrays and Lisa Kekaula, the female goddess that kept everyone with a smile on their faces at the concert.

  • 02.50 – Delorean

Indie – electronic (alternative dance google says) Basque band, just the right thing to listen to at that time. Well played.

  • 03.30 – DJ

Saturday, August 13th.

  • 17.45 – Emilio José

We lied here as EJ did not sound exactly awesome as squeaks and unadjusted tunes would keep coming for a – long – hour-long.

But after leaving us clueless, in his defense, we need to say that his audience was just so stunned that no one dared to move during his concert and in the end, everyone enjoyed this rare performance somehow.

One of a kind, still wondering if that was a joke.

  • 18.45 – Los Lupers

Energetic, they distilled youth as screams kept pouring from its duo of blondes. Really fun and danceable.

  • 21.45 – Nudozurdo

09-Nudozurdo-Festival V de Valares 2016 - A World to Travel

  • 23.55 – Neuman
  • 01.20 – Kula Shaker

This English psychedelic rock band is a classic so if this is the first time you read about them, go on and listen to some of their music now. They didn’t disappoint.

  • 02.50 – Belako

As Los Lupers, this band was such a nice discovery that right after getting home, we started playing them on YouTube.

The thing I am still wondering is how the heck they manage to play anything with all that frantic non-stop jumping going on. Playback?

  • 03.30 – Ocho y medio DJ

A guy that knows what its audience wants at the wee hours is a god. All the indie and electronic tunes one could possibly want to listen and dance to were played. So just thanks for such an awesome closing!

4. A great comfort factor.

Size matters as we all knew. And this is not a mass festival, not even a mid-size one. V de Valares is a lovable tiny one and we really appreciated that there are no queues, you don’t need to play Tetris to put your tent in the campsite or your towel on the beach and no one is kicking you as they dance because there is room enough for everyone everywhere you go.

5. Daylight activities.

Paddle surf, yoga paddle, slalom skate, carp surfing. For free! All afternoon long!

Plus everything else that can be done in a gorgeous place as Balares beach. Think swimming, running, sunbathing, reading a book, sleeping under some shade, chilling by the red big tents of the beach, meeting old and new friends and much more. Your imagination is the limit!

6. Food truck scene.

From crepes to Mexican delicacies or bio dishes, they will keep you well-fed and happy.

7. Ok prices.

A single day ticket was Eur25 and the three-day pass, Eur40 (camping included). Beer from Eur2, water Eur1 and the possibility of enjoying a great meal for under Eur10. What’s not to love?

8. Great atmosphere.

I haven’t seen a single person littering, misbehaving, really high, puking or fighting. Due to its size, the rules that apply in the campsite (as the aforementioned not bringing alcohol to the tents one) and the mature nature of the festival-goers are a sure success recipe.

9. Really child friendly.

As a direct result of the previous one, V de Valares is the most family-friendly festival we have ever seen. So much that, even after judging crazy parents for taking their kids to some festivals for ages, we would even consider bringing our own here if we had them J.

Festival V de Valares 2016 - A World to Travel-145

10. Everything else. 

Book presentations, merchandising stores of local businesses, free wine tastings and many other things that we didn’t have time to explore take part at the same time as the music festival.

I guess we will need to go back next year to continue uncovering them all.

See you there!

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