Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Realms of UAE

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The UAE is an enigma of a country. The glory of its emirates is matched only by the amazing progress that it has done in the last decade. With modern amenities, a dynamic environment, and lavishness personified in every skyscraper and structure, one cannot help but be awed by the magnanimity of the country.

Every emirate, mainly Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are examples of what prosperity means. Their tourism, hospitality, culture, and the people; everything is worth an incredible experience. Add to it the magnificent wide expanses of deserts and wadis, and a complete tourist package is ready. Hertz gives you the perfect ride as you delve into the exclusivity of UAE and its attractions.


Starting out as a pearl diving centre, Dubai is synonymous to transformation. It is a perfect rags to riches story, as Dubai is one of the wealthiest cities in the world. 

It brings in the highest amount of revenues for UAE based on its tourism prowess. It is studded with places like the Burj Khalifa, which you might recognise as being the tallest tower in the world. ‘At the top’, located at the 124th level of the tower, is the highest viewing platform in the world, providing a gorgeous view of the city.

Right at the base of the tower is the beautiful Dubai fountain in the Burj Khalifa Lake, also the world’s largest dancing fountain. It dances to international tunes and is a source of constant entertainment for anyone who visits the place.

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In Dubai, the Palm Islands are probably the most famous attraction. It is a palm shaped island in the middle of the sea with amenities that can pit any modern city to shame. What more can you ask!


The cities of UAE are laden with superlatives, and Abu Dhabi is no exception. Let’s take a note of the sites and activities that might interest a tourist.

It can be the world’s most expensive mosque, called the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Surprisingly it has been built in the 90s, yet outclasses the most revered ones. Decorated with the world’s largest carpet laid down, or the most expensive glitter balls, or chandeliers of all time, it’s awe-inspiring to say the least.

It can be the world’s fastest rollercoaster, located in Ferrari World which reaches up to dizzying speeds of 240 km per hour. One can stay in the world’s most expensive hotel, at the Emirates Palace, which makes the real world look like a fairytale.

Racetracks, beaches and even the most expensive cocktail worldwide is found here. The resume can’t get any better.

Be it air, land, or water, these cities have found means and ways to entertain tourists, and make reality larger than life.

They definitely demand a visit, just to witness the sheer audacity and pompousness of humans in creating a paradise of bling and luxury on Earth.