A Traveller’s Quick Introduction to Egypt


Whether you are planning a short stay or a long holiday, here is the quick introduction to Egypt you were looking for. Enjoy!

You cannot visit the land of the pharaohs without being completely overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the magnificence with which the ancient Egyptians honored their rulers, both in life and in death.

From the pyramids in Cairo to the temples and tombs in Luxor, the soaring vision and attention to detail that is evident in the ancient architecture is truly awe-inspiring. Egypt can rightly be called a timeless land where ancient industry still results in huge contributions to the state coffers alongside the more modern attractions like those in Sharm el Sheikh.



A short flight or a river cruise down the Nile will bring one to Luxor and its royal tombs; among them the burial place of the boy king, Tutankhamun. The discovery of this intact tomb in 1922 captured the imagination of the world. Along with Cleopatra this child ruler of Egypt from 1333-23 has become the most speculated about of all Egypt’s kings. To stand beside his sarcophagus and view the hieroglyphics that adorn the walls of this tomb is an other-worldly experience in its truest sense. Much of the contents are now housed in Cairo’s renowned museum and that alone makes a visit worthwhile.


Sharm el Sheik lies along the Red Sea coastline. Despite humble beginnings and its share of involvement in conflict, its wealth of marine life and splendid coral reefs has seen its tourism industry grow tremendously.

It now boasts 90 resorts that offer a variety of water sports and popular activities such as diving or snorkeling. It is perhaps the ideal way to unwind after visiting some of the mind-boggling ancient historical sites and artifacts that Egypt so graciously shares with the world.


Giza is home to the pyramids. The greatest of these was supposedly designed to be the resting place of the mighty pharaoh, Khufu, but neither his mummified remains nor the expected richness of treasures was found within. Because of this and some astrological significance, some believe that it was rather intended to be an astronomical observatory.

Anyone who has been inside this pyramid with its very narrow tunnels will understand the argument against grave robbers being responsible for removing the contents which included the sizeable lid of the sarcophagus. Whatever its purpose, this sole survivor of the ancient wonders of the world is sure to fascinate and enthrall visitors for centuries to come.

It is impossible to list the many ancient sites that have to be seen in Egypt, just as it is impossible to see them all during one visit. The ancients will beckon you back again and again and invite you to tread in the footprints of those who have fascinated us throughout history.

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