4 Tips On How To Protect You And Your Stuff While On A Road Trip Around Hawaii

An Intro to Hawaii – A World to Travel

Road tripping in Hawaii is fun, but the scenery is so distracting that might prefer to sign up for a tour of Oahu at Pearl Harbor Oahu rather than be distracted by the challenges of driving in an unfamiliar locale. If you do choose to rent a car,  you may make the number one mistake that many thrill seekers do of rushing into your car without taking some simple precautionary steps that could save your life and property. But fear not, we will go through all the tips you need on how to protect you and your stuff while on a road trip.

Thousands of cars, ranging from vintage collector cars and family haulers, as well as their contents, are stolen during vacations. The good news is that you can enjoy a road trip, one of America’s favorite holiday activities if you observe a few common sense tips.

Know Your Surroundings

Before digging into the four tips for feeling safe and sane on the road, it is critical you remember that every American town is somebody’s hometown, and most people are friendly and happy. But there may be some neighborhoods that are dangerous.

In an unfamiliar place, the common rule of thumb is to ask at your hotel about what’s safe, use GPS or maps, stay on major roads, and employ your personal radar to stay safe.


Have an Emergency Safety Kit

Make sure to carry an emergency kit as an essential part of your road trip luggage. Some of the things that you can add to the kit include a cell phone charger, Band-Aids, alcohol swabs, water bottles, a flashlight, and other small items you commonly use at home. Also, included is a shabby towel, to use if you need to lie down or check for something under the car.

Remember to bring along a pair of jumper cables and a multi-purpose tool that you can use to fix many small issues in your car. Keep all your items in a single place, such as a backpack. You can also make use of a milk crate because it is built sturdy and will keep all your items in one place with a little shuffle.


Know A Few Skills

When you have a rental car, you may be able to call for help in case of trouble, but knowing a few DIY maintenance skills can be helpful on the road. Even if you have had the car checked before leaving, something can come up later. Learn how to check for the right air pressure and add air to the tires when they are low; most gas stations have a pressure gauge that you can make use of for less than a dollar.

Plus, ensure that you know how to add windshield wiper fluid and oil, as well as how to make sure that the wiper blades are in perfect working condition. It would not hurt if you had some sort of education on the best way to change the wiper blades.  


Always Rest

You might be anxious to make it to your destination so the temptation to drive all day and night is there. You are on vacation, but don’t overbook yourself so that you are sleep-deprived; six to eight hours every night is the perfect amount of rest everyone needs to stay refreshed, focused, and healthy.

If you do not have enough rest before and during your road trip, you become a danger to other drivers and yourself. You will also be too tired to enjoy activities such as the Road to Hana Tour on Maui.


Lastly, Drive Carefully

You will always come across inexperienced, fast, and reckless drivers anywhere you go, which is why you should practice extreme caution on the road. Pay attention to not only your driving but that of the other drivers; be wary of how they are maneuvering their cars. In addition, keep your car radio’s volume normal, because loud music can negatively affect your motor skills, distracting you from what you are doing – driving.

Familiarize yourself with local laws. Also, keep some distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. This gives you a better chance of responding accordingly if the other driver hits his or her breaks unexpectedly.

Observing some common-sense Hawaiian driving tips can help you enjoy the best drives in Maui, Oahu, and the other Hawaiian Islands.

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