Pros and cons of traveling in a van


Mobile homes might not be the most popular way to travel coming to one’s mind. Many people, though, return from RV vacations converted in some kind of road-trip super fans. Reckon that feeling?

One could think about all the similarities between mobile homes and snails. We agree. But, largerly differencied here the car would be the one carrying all you need; not you anymore! On top of that, the speed of travel differs a lot too. Today, vans and mobile homes can experience a fair similar speed to any other vehicle.
Whenever wheather forecasts announce nice and warm temperatures and not so much rain, a lot of countries see how their roads are, little by little, filled with mobil homes.
Advantages? Laws may vary among countries but mostly, they allow you to park your “home” at a number of public and private places. And as a car, you enjoy a mobility that would be very unlikely without being in charge of your own transportation. Thus, mobil homes keep on increasing the list of benefits staying pretty close to where you are while on vacation; minimizing time and maximizing the usability in terms of eating and sleeping. And, last but not least, we can’t forget the clear advantage that comes to budget as sleeping and eating costs will be massively reduced compared with other kinds of travel.
Thinking a bit further and with a family in mind, ask yourself: Which other mean of transportation allows you to have a similar comfort while traveling with kids? Pretty much, no other.
Of course, some disadvantages have to be taking into account. There’s a need of enjoying driving or at least not disliking it at all, since long hours will be spend on the road. Parking large vehicles might become very tricky in some city centers. Nothing that internet and nowadays guides cannot solve with thousands of directions and references to avoid this issue And, unluckily, safety can get your mobile home compromised these days.
A mobile home. A city. A thief! The story is not new at all. A holiday time, conceived to your relax that slowly becomes a headache to you and your family. Every day, people get more concerned about security and all kind of measures are improved to protect everything. Coming down to mobile homes, an insurance like Caravan Club is highly recommended as this nightmare my colleague lived in Florence several years ago recalls.
He and his wife had just arrived in town following well-know travelguide steps and they wouldn’t find any parking spots available. Suddenly, a parking lot around a park near the city centre, showed them two other mobil homes. They could be saved! My colleague left the car and started searching for a policeman to find out whether the spot could be used to park their van. Around half a kilometer later, an agent told him that place was pretty unsecure. He ran back to the mobil home to find out he’d just been robbed! A glass window was broken and the van was left barely with the only furniture that could not be easily removed and taken away; equipment and clothes included.
Next thing he remembers? He was filling a complaint in the police office with his insurance card in hand (not lost because he was taking his wallet with him), serching for a glass repair and they could only continue traveling after a while. An unforgettable and scary travel story? Tell him about it!
Photo credits: The Nick Page  MSVG

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  1. Kerala H

    Traveling in a mobile home is a wonderful idea. The only problem is being attacked by any mobs fearing we intrude their territory.

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