Portugal Food Stories Day 5 – Viseu Memories

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I firstly knew about this Portuguese town when my ex, five years back, headed there to work as an intern for a period of three months. At the time, I was also doing the same thing in Lisbon, the capital, and being that close to the loved one in a foreign country resulted in many trips together around the country. Which made us both fall even more for Portugal, its people and food.

See you soon, #Viseu!

#portugalfoodstories van is off to Porto now!

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Therefore, I have uncountable sweet Viseu memories.
The brightest ones? Those that included insane amounts of fun. Long nights would start at a little hole in the wall called Boquinhas, with copos de muller, a proper glass of wine and double the size of a copo de home – the equivalent for men – and endless bowls of tremoços, and would come to an end somewhere else in town, sometime before sunrise. Spontaneous music would flow and there wasn’t a single day when we wouldn’t join the drinking and the singing with the locals. Don’t judge us just yet please.
This time, again, my short visit was slightly different. To start, the town’s hunters club welcomed us in their premises to taste an exquisite game lunch and, later in the afternoon, we also got some time to enjoy the sunset at the noblest part of town before dawn came to be enjoyed with a glass of wine in one of the old town’s cozy squares.
Much appreciated slow pace after 5 hectic days of gastronomic tour around the country, and the time we needed to charge our body batteries to continue exploring all the Portuguese delicacies for another ten days.
Thanks Viseu!
Next day the Portugal Food Stories crew would head to Oporto in order to join a culinary tour of the old city and pick the fifth component up so we, the girls, all went to bed early  drank a bottle of sparkling rose we got as a present the previous day, catched up after almost half a year away, and went to bed at midnight.
What else.


I came to Portugal to take part on a 2 weeks food tour around the country after winning the Portugal Food Stories contest by Aptece along with other 4 international bloggers. Anyway, all the opinions here are my own. Read all the articles about this awesome trip here.