Portugal Food Stories Day 0 – On a Bus

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Determined to pack light, I didn’t succeed and brought a cabin bag and a big daypack. And a regular one. And two laptops. For god’s sake, what I was thinking!
Decided to take two buses, I lost the first one and took a 40€ taxi after sending a Facebook last-minute SOS message and checking every other possibility that crossed my mind. I mean, 40 eur could put me in Turkey and not just a 30 min drive away!
The reason why I failed twice before even starting my trip? One can only do so much in a sleep-deprived condition. And trying to steal some much-needed minutes while snoozing your alarm away and checking your smartphone dubiously urgent notifications as an early thing in the morning poorly timed habit doesn’t help.
As well as being used to rush it and packing literally minutes before leaving home.

Adios, ríos; adios, fontes; adios, regatos pequenos; adios, vista dos meus ollos: non sei cando nos veremos – Rosalia de Castro One of Galician most respected writers of all times to illustrate this morning. As the bus that is taking me to Lisbon passes by this gorgeous land of ours, I feel partly sad and partly very excited about what’s coming up next. Head to our site and have a look at the last article to find out more.

Because there is a procedure you simply can’t afford to forget about in order to keep your cave safe while you are gone. From watering your plants while crossing your fingers and telling them how cool it would be if they could manage to stay alive for an undetermined period of time* without proper ventilation or water dosage to completely unloading the fridge’s groceries and preventing a new species to be formed sucking your leftovers. Everything open and fresh must go. Now it’s looking pretty depressing. Only one beer was left. Ha. The welcome one!

And then there is leaving everything the cleanest you can, turn all the switches off, shut down the water, throw the rubbish, close the door and lock it twice. And pinching yourself while you are doing it knowing that not being totally conscious about that could kill you slowly.
By the time you have managed to do everything, it’s way too late.
And so I breathed since I still could take a taxi. My heart stopped racing and it felt very good. Very good.
If you wonder, I took the second and important bus on time and now I am on my way to Lisbon. Well, Estoril, actually. Where I will be staying today awaiting for the whole thing to kick off tomorrow.
Lisbon, I am eager to see your face again. My favorite Portuguese city and one of the 5 cities in the world I would instantly move back to.

I’ve missed you, LISBON! Although I’m on a #portugalFOODstories mission and will be traveling from North to South and East to West this country, you can expect this feed to be more than food. Character, architecture, landscapes, traditions, history, and Portuguese people await you from now and for the next 15 days. This is the Oriente station. Serving the city’s public transportation system for a fair amount of time already, it’s looking as fresh as if its opening day was yesterday. I had never got so close to these gothic-inspired domes. We can call it a night now.

*No human beings or animals were harmed whatsoever. Maybe human feelings and indoor plants a bit and I take full responsibility for that.


I came to Portugal to take part in a 2 weeks food tour around the country after winning the Portugal Food Stories contest by Aptece along with other 4 international bloggers. Anyway, all the opinions here are my own. Read all the articles about this awesome trip here.

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