Polished But Practical: The Perfect Airport Look

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Going to the airport fills you with all sorts of excitement, as the anticipation of what is to come on the other side of your flight lies ahead – but there is also something fun about dressing for your travels too. Wherever you’re heading, your airport outfit is all about striking a balance between style and comfort.

Look around the airport and you’ll see you are surrounded by hundreds of different travelers wearing all sorts of different outfits – from business suits to individuals who look like they have just rolled out of bed. It’s time to find your distinct style while maximising on comfort and so we have put together a range of go-to outfit options to help you create the perfect airport look.


White t-shirts are easy to wear

A classic white t-shirt worn with a pair of jeans and your favorite jacket is both a casual but cool airport style. This is the perfect look if you want to stay comfy whilst flying, yet still, make a good impression when you land in your new destination.

The plain white t-shirt is a go-to wardrobe staple that doesn’t require any effort or thought, you can simply throw it on and go – ready for whatever the security checks throw at you and with an empty hand luggage case for your trip through duty-free.


Layers save you from airport air con

Layering is a good strategy for trips to the airport. If you are heading to a cold country or coming back to the cold, it’s a good idea to have your multiple pieces ready. A T-shirt, scarf, hoodie and down jacket is a strong ensemble. You’ll definitely stay comfortable whilst you are traveling – plus you can double up the jacket and use it as a blanket on the plane too.


Choose a color theme and stick to it

Monochromatic ensembles are a street style favorite and easy to wear, so interpret this into your airport outfit. Arrive in style, head-to-toe in shades of black, for example. This could include a dark grey pair of jeans, a black tee and a black utility jacket for a stylish outfit. This, of course, works with a whole range of different colors, so next time you’re unsure what to wear, choose one solid shade and build your outfit around it.

This look is best if you are meeting up with some friends or family, or taking a solo trip, as you can keep things casual yet stylish with this sleek outfit.


Patterns keep you looking polished

If you are anticipating getting a bit sweaty whilst dragging your luggage around, running from terminal to terminal or if you are accident prone and tend to spill things on yourself a lot, a patterned shirt is a great choice for you. Pair this style with a pair of dark jeans and enjoy the fact that a patterned shirt helps hide the wrinkles and creases that you’ll undoubtedly get whilst sitting on a plane for hours.


Stay chilled and comfy in joggers

This look is very chilled and laid back. For someone who lives in joggers for comfort they’ll already be a go-to airport option. One of the easiest ways to wear joggers is to pair them with a slim fitted t-shirt, a light jacket and a pair of casual trainers – making for the ultimate comfy but still polished ensemble.


Airport style is all about showing off your signature style but staying comfortable as well on the plane. Take some of these suggestions on board and feel and look good next time you’re jetting off somewhere new.