Planning An Australian Road Trip

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Are you tired of your daily office work? Insane for working eight hours a day and doing the same thing every day?

Well, what about a little change?

It is summertime and we are on the road to the holidays. Just think about an ideal place and you will imagine the diverse landscape, cheap yet excellent accommodation, clear, blue water and idle beaches, gigantic malls, fantastic hotels, delicious food, and caravan parks all over the place.

Yes, you are right. This is Australia!

The country is so large and diverse that you can’t feel the real taste of it just by visiting few cities.

The best way to explore its wide-open space is by taking a road trip. With so many car rental Australia choices available these days, it is too easy to go by the great plains of the tiny continent.



Once you are in the car on the open road, there will be no turning back. Driving down the West Coast from Perth to Albany and then moving along the South Coast to Esperance and then coming back to Perth and Kalgoorlie is simply an outstanding experience.

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Start spending a couple of days in beautiful Perth.

How can you miss a drive to Rottnest Island, spending a few hours on beautiful beaches and then coming back to the modern restaurants and trendy boutiques?. Also, don’t forget that the world-famous Swan Valley is just 15 miles away from the center of the city!

The famous coastal town of Mandurah is only 60 minutes drive away from Perth. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Its lakes, national parks, and heritage monuments offer an insight into the culture and nature of Western Australia. Besides this, Kings’ Carnival is the hot spot of the city and offers entertainment to people of all ages.

Another short drive and you will reach the Margaret River region. This region is best known for cheese farms, chocolate factories, winemaking, and thousands of vineyards. Don’t forget to visit local galleries. Finding accommodation here is not very difficult as the place offers some of the best hotels and resorts catering to the need of the family, couples and even singles.

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The unforgettable drive from Margaret River to Albany takes you to the Karri forests situated between Denmark and Manjimup. Here you will witness the majestic Karri trees that can grow up to 90 m in height. Driving through the dark forest, you will reach the historic town of Albany famous for its historical museums and railway stations.

Driving back to Perth from Albany will not take more than 7 hours. However, you will find several small towns, resorts, and picnic spots along the way.

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During your pleasure drive, there are few things that you should not forget.



  • First of all, make sure that your route is made up of the paved roads. It is especially important if you are traveling in a rented car.
  • Be organized and place your visa Australia now.
  • Australia is famous for extreme weather so don’t forget to carry extra fuel and food.
  • It is also important to be vigilant about Kangaroos. Believe it or not, those cute ones can do a lot of damage to your car.


To sum up, the journey to Australia is a relaxing one. The roads and good and the people are friendly. You will definitely enjoy your stay there!

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