Five Wonderful Photo Opportunities in Vienna

Wonderful Photo Opportunities in Vienna – A World to Travel (4)

If you love photography, travel is a great way to enjoy your hobby. When you look through the lens of a camera you always see something new and different. Photography gives you a unique perspective on things. The only problem is that, when you travel, there is just so much to see and do. If you are not careful you can easily end up missing out on some spectacular photo opportunities. The best way to avoid this happening to you is to plan ahead.

If Austria’s capital city is on your radar, here are five great photo opportunities in Vienna.

Iconic shots of opera culture

This beautiful city is world-famous for its opera houses. It is not a big city, yet it has 7 opera houses. Plus, this beautiful art form is performed in many smaller and less formal venues.

The Viennese still dress for the opera, so nighttime shots of them in and around the beautiful historic theatres make for an interesting and evocative shot.

You can find out which of the city´s opera houses are due to host performances during your visit, by going to Vienna Opera Tickets. This company sells tickets for virtually all of the city´s opera venues.

During the day, you can take a tour of the State Opera House. It is very interesting and you will get the chance to take some really unusual photos of this iconic building.

Photograph the ball-goers

If you are lucky enough to be in the city during the ball season, you are in for a treat. Many of the ball attendees are more than happy to pose for pictures. Besides which you can get some great shots of them as they just pass to and from.

There are around 450 balls held in the city every year, so there are plenty of opportunities to get the photos you want. You can find a list of all of the major balls on this page.

Money shots of Vienna´s stunning architecture

The people of Vienna are great subjects for photography, but so are the city´s stunning buildings. Some of Vienna´s churches were built in the 1200s. You can get some great shots of them using some of the locations described below.


From the stairs of the Albertinaplatz, you get a great view of the opera house and the iconic Hotel Sacher. While you are there, take the time to go to the Albertina Museum and enjoy some of the works of art that are on display there. Many of them are truly wonderful.


No collection of Viennese photos is complete without at least one shot of the lovely Franziskanerplaz. On a sunny day, the wonderful crisp white buildings throw off an enchanting light.

While you are there, treat yourself to coffee and cake in the Kleines Café.


This area offers a long list of photo opportunities. The iconic gate is interesting to photograph. It looks good in any light. There is also the palace itself to capture.

The Roman ruins that are located in front of the palace produce an interesting juxtaposition that brings out the best in many keen photographers.

Are you more of a video kind of person? Then you will love these Vienna clips.