Photo essay: Menorca in low season

Fornells Menorca Aworldtotravel (4)

Visiting Menorca in the low season. Actually, visiting any Mediterranean island during the not so touristy period. We can assure you it actually is a lot of fun! Sporadic storms, not being annoyed by tons of tourists and dramatic landscapes. Along with affordable prices, accessible locals and a lot of room for you everywhere you head to is a reward not to miss!

We’ve just come back from a two-day break in Menorca. Less than 48 hours, two people, and the cheapest car available to rent. These are the 7 spots we enjoyed the most and why you should make sure to check them out next time you pay a visit to the Balearic islands:

El Toro viewpoint
Head to the geographical center and you’ll find the highest point of the island: El Toro. 360 degrees views on a clear day. We decided from there where to head next!

Christ at El Toro viewpoint Menorca Aworldtotravel

El Toro viewpoint Menorca Aworldtotravel (2)

El Toro viewpoint Menorca Aworldtotravel

Fornells Cape
North is rough and less hotel crowded. It’s also beautiful. Spread along the coast, seven lighthouses shape the island. At least two hours we were exploring this rocky point.

Fornells Menorca Aworldtotravel

Fornells Menorca Aworldtotravel (3)

Fornells Menorca Aworldtotravel (2)

Favaritx lighthouse
If our previous stop dominant color was reddish, dark blue ruled in Favaritx. Jumping from one stone to the next one carried by the wind and wild sea is somewhat an experience everyone should have!

Favaritx lighthouse Menorca Aworldtotravel

Favaritx Menorca Aworldtotravel

Favaritx lighthouse Menorca Aworldtotravel (2)


By the airport, it is one of the two main cities on the island. We arrived minutes before a huge electric storm started. Filled with narrow streets and strategic viewpoints, it also features one of the biggest natural ports in Europe. Talk about Rotterdam!

Mao Mahon at dusk Menorca Aworldtotravel

Mao Mahon low season Menorca Aworldtotravel

The second biggest town is located it the West of Menorca. Well connected with Mahon and barely 45 minutes away, walking along its port (even under the rain) is something we’d recommend to everyone!

Ciutadella HDR Menorca Aworldtotravel

Ciutadella Menorca Aworldtotravel

Cala Galdana
A very touristic point in the South part of the island, the big majority of its hotels shut down when Summer is over. Our hotel was one of the last ones still open. Turquoise blue waters.

Cala Galdana Menorca Aworldtotravel

Cala en Porter
Somebody told us not long ago we should definitely head to Cove d’en Xoroi. The best club on the island featuring caves over the cliffs in the South part of the island. Well, it was closed. The views from there, still, were pretty nice. Don’t you think?

Cala en Porter - View from Cove d'en Xoroi Menorca Aworldtotravel

Willing to come back during the high season to appreciate the contrasts, have you ever visited Menorca? Which are your favorite spots on the island?

Disclosure: eDreams invited us to spend a couple of days at Audax Hotel in Cala Galdana, Menorca.

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