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Amanda Marzolini, italian fashion blogger at The Fashionamy present us some outfit ideas for travelling. Enjoy!

Glad to be blogging for you, guys!

I’ve known Inma since my experience in Lisbon back in 2009. She’s the person who told me to signup on FB! I’m grateful today because I got to work as a freelance designer and Social Media manager thanks to those first steps 🙂

Are you a fashionista curious about new trends? Travelling is the ultimate cool-hunting tip! I can spend hours people-watching, buying stuff and takig pics to nice stores and displays when travelling.

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Travelling and packing

I started to fall in love with travelling the last 5 years and, little by little, I’ve adapted my style and budget for suiting this need. When I travel, I need to feel comfortable but fashion cannot be left behind. As a fashionista, I need to wear something I really like! If I am flying, a sporty glam suitcase is all I need. Just no belts, boots, scarf or jewels to avoid some trouble at the security control.

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As a starter, I’d recommend to buy two good pieces of luggage of different sizes. Leaving for a long trip and not having clue when we are coming back usually ends up in having a lot of memories, gifts, clothes and stuff to fit in the luggage when we return.

Probably the only blogger alive without Instagram, I can’t imagine to travel – even for a day trip! – without my MacBook. My camera, 2 phones, a journal, some pencils and pens, USB sticks, business cards and chargers come along too. Tintamar makes excellent and comfy bags that allow me to carry all those tools with me.

If, like me, you need internet to work, doing some research in advance about where to find it would be advisable. Personally, I can’t be 24h without posting something on my FB or my blog.

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What would be in my packing list?

Comfy clothes as sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts, denim shorts and jeans

An evergreen parka jacket that pairs well with every outfit

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Shoes: Boots, ankle boots, sneakers (my favourite online shop is FreestyleXtreme) and flip-flops.

Some colourful bijoux, avoiding precious jewels. Chances are I’ll find something unique wherever I go.

Multi-function items can’t be forgotten. A scarf can be also used as a pareo or beach towel, T-shirts as pj’s and the list could go on.

Toilettries and beauty tools reduced to a minimum. 2 eye pencil, mascara, lipstick and lipgloss will do.

FashionamyEnjoyed my personal, simple fashion advice for today travel lovers? Which are your thoughts and tips for fashion and geek travellers?

Have a look at Amanda’s blog here

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  1. Maritza Bobbi

    I feel better while traveling in casual cloths but some cold locations its difficult to beat the burden with heavy wool clothings 🙂

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