Hipmunk Hotels: Outdoor Experiences in Illinois, Rosemont, Cleveland and More

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The Midwest, which comprises the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin, is famous for its natural beauty in mountains, lakes, streams, and parks.

There are quite a few exceptional outdoor experiences in the Midwest. Here are some of our favorites:

Whitewater Rafting in Illinois

Picture by ericmeldrum via Flickr.

Whitewater Rafting in the Vermillion River, less than 100 miles from Chicago, is a thrilling outdoor sports experience you can have while visiting Illinois. This river starts at the border of Ford and Livingston counties and empties into the Illinois River.

You’ll find mostly Class I and Class II rapids all through the river, but when the water is high, you can get Class III rapids, too. Rafts are available for four or six persons and usually cost around $30 per adult.

Hiking and camping in the wilderness of Cleveland National ForestIMG_2292

Picture by Vinh tran via Flickr.

Cleveland National Forest has a number of great trails that you can choose from depending on your love for hiking and courage to go beyond miles in the wilderness.

The cooler seasons of fall, spring, or winter are all good for these hiking trips. Some trails can also be enjoyed on hot summer days and feature sheds on the route. Remember to bring water bottles with you on the track, and don’t drink from springs, lakes or rivers.

Road tripping through Michigan, From Escanaba to KalamazooGrand Rapids

Picture by lǝᴉuɐp via Flickr.

Michigan is spread across two peninsulas. It is roughly a 10-hour drive from the bottom of the Lower Peninsula all the way to the Upper Peninsula.

You can stop for fishing at Escanaba, try more than a dozen breweries in Grand Rapids (MI) and Kalamazoo and have the best traditional chicken dinner at Frankenmuth, all in one day.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving at Park Place, Rosemont (IL)iFly

Picture by Kip Voytek via Flickr.

IFLY Skydiving is an indoor skydiving facility that offers flights from varying heights. Most people stick with low height flying; I got chills doing the high flights!

Tickets are not very expensive, and friendly instructors provide all the training you need before flying. Your first flight is for one minute, but believe me it feels like much longer.

Killer Mountain biking in the Adventure Town: Peoria (IL)cyclocross-8

Picture by Bill Young via Flickr.

If you love biking in the mountains, this one is for you. A fresh set of forest-lined trails in Jubilee College State Park has made downtown Peoria more attractive to cyclists; all credit goes to the Peoria Area Mountain Bike Association’s trailblazing efforts. Your biking buds will love to test the freshly laid mountain trails.

Canoe trip Adventure in Rockford (IL)

Picture by KB Digital via Flickr.

If you are travelling as a private group and love canoeing, you should go to southeast Rockford. There you will find Larsen’s Landing, a 30-acre wilderness area with wooded hiking paths and half a mile of riverfront.

Kishwaukee River canoe outfitter offers canoe trips, livery, rentals, and group outings. You will find open fields along the river for your post-canOoeing gatherings.

What else could you possibly ask for?

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