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Mist and pines at Bihor mountains Romania – A World to Travel

Hello there!

After a couple of quiet months, we are really excited to announce where are we headed starting Monday! From the green hills of Transylvania to the Wadi Rum desert, have a look to our upcoming trips.

3 weeks, 5 destinations and 2 continents await!


Amsterdam canals at night long exposure - A World to Travel

What to do in Amsterdam when you have already been there a few times?

What if you’ve already pictured to death Amsterdam main Museums, most famous parks, and squares, iconic canals and flea markets?

Then you need to go back and continue exploring this city beyond its main landmarks, immersing yourself in the hippest and vivid neighborhoods and local life as an Amsterdamer would do.

And that’s exactly what I will be doing starting tomorrow and for the next few days!

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the experiences awaiting me with I amsterdam:

  • Uncover the vibrant atmosphere against a green backdrop in the surroundings of the Westerpark
  • Discover hip places, green spaces and the diverse faces of Oosterpark
  • Visit Oostelijke Eilanden, where water and modern architecture meet
  • Explore the NSDM wharf in North, the old shipyard turned creative haven.

On top of that and among many other cool things that I will soon talk about too, I will also have a chance of experiencing the famous Maximiliaan Brasserie and the classy Estherea Hotel on the Singel, Amsterdam’s major older canal.


the Transfagarasan road and Balea lake Romania - A world to Travel

Arriving near the weekend, I will head to Romania, where my youngest brother is studying.

With Auto Europe, that kindly provided me with a vehicle to tour around Transylvania and the Northern part of the country, I will be visiting some of Romania’s most quintessential towns and unique sites like:

  • Cluj-Napoca, where I will be based in the Zen boutique hostel.

Medieval architecture in Sibiu Romania - A World to Travel

  • Sibiu
  • Sighișoara
  • Brașov
  • Târgu Mureș
  • Bistriţa
  • Salina Turda
  • Bâlea Lake and

Transfăgărășan road Romania - A World to Travel

  • The curvy Transfăgărășan road, that crosses the South part of the Carpathian Mountains!


Floating in the Dead Sea - A World to Travel

This will be the second time we step on the Middle East after my Dubai and UAE wanderings last Spring. And I can’t really wait to explore some of the best things Israel has to offer:

  • Tel Aviv, its beautiful Jaffa neighborhood with a tour from the Clocktower to Independence Hall on Rothschild Boulevard, and Tel Aviv’s famous nightlife
  • A Kibbutz experience
  • The best of West Bank, including Qasr el-Yahud baptismal site, the modern Ramallah, the ancient Jericho, and Bethlehem.

La Cupola della Roccia – the Dome of the Rock

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  • Jerusalem, the walled holy city and its nightlife
  • Watch the sunrise from Masada fortress
  • Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
  • The Dead Sea

We’ll be staying 3 nights at Abraham hostel Tel Aviv and 4 nights at Abraham hostel Jerusalem.


Greek ruins in historic Jerash Jordan - A World to Travel

And what to say of this one. If there’s a country that has been on our list forever, that’s Jordan! Especially the following highlights:

  • The archaeological remains of Jerash
  • Amman and its citadel
  • Petra and an overnight experience at a Bedouin campsite

Camels and bedouins at Wadi Rum Jordan - A World to Travel

  • Wadi Rum desert

What’s there waiting for us truly is stunning!

We’ll be taking the Petra & Wadi Rum 3 Day 2 Night Tour from Tel Aviv, and although we’d like to have more time to explore the country, I am sure we’ll have a great first impression of Jordan and the country will leave us wanting for more.


Luxembourg hills - A World to Travel

To end this Spring country hopping journey in style, I will be joining a hiking and glamping adventure with Visit Luxembourg, that tiny (only half a million people live there!) and pretty unknown European country located among Germany, Belgium, and France.

Along with other bloggers and journalists, we will start our journey with a tour through time and space, connecting the Upper and Lower towns of Luxembourg City and showcasing the genius remaining fortification. The “Wenzel Walk” will give us a first insight into what makes Luxembourg so unique.

After a cultural introduction of Luxembourg, we will dive into Luxembourg’s beautiful natural environment by hiking 1 stage of the new 53-km long “Escapardenne Lee Trail” in the enchanted forests, woodlands, and plateaus of the Luxembourg Ardennes region.

On the last day, we will enjoy the launch of the new hiking season of the Mullerthal Trail certified as one of the “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe”. After that, we’ll go on a themed hiking tour and see impressive rock formations without forgetting to taste some more local specialties before heading back to our base.

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But wait, this is not over yet. We’d love you to come along! 

If you aren’t following us on Instagram already, we urge you to do so as we’ll be documenting our next steps live there!

For a colorful journey follow: @aworldtotravel

aworldtotravel on Instagram - A World to Travel

And if a darker version is more appealing to you, here’s our new account showcasing only black and white photography: @bwisback

bwisback on Instagram - A World to Travel

Have you visited any of the aforementioned destinations? We are looking forward to hearing all your tips so please, bring them on!

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