On glamping and Escaping to Wales


In itself the idea of glamping isn’t new. The philosophy of luxurious camping has in fact been around for the while; however it has only been in the last few years that accommodation providers have embraced the idea of ‘alternative stays’ for guests that are looking for an ideal balance between rustic utopia and sensible levels of comfort.


Cwtch Camping based in Wales provides exactly that, and I had the pleasure of visiting them a few weeks ago to sample the Pembrokeshire countryside in one of their bespoke, purpose built cabins.

We arrived in what was, to put it mildly, inclement weather. Not to be put off, we donned our boots and coats and ventured to the site through a gate – the location isn’t widely publicised, and the solitary sign on the gate was the only indication we were in the right place. We were met by Beth, the camping’s owner and the motivating force behind the whole operation. She lovingly described the cabins and the area they’re location in – with a passion only felt by locals who have a deep understanding of where they’re from, what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. It was a reassuring and welcoming start to the trip.

We were to have our pick of any of the cabins – which ranged from spacious multiple occupancy huts to cosy couples retreats in secluded spots. Plumping for the middle ground (literally) it was immediately evident that a huge amount of care and attention had gone into making this a perfect stay. Delicately placed furnishings and decorations twinned with a rustic and grassroots approach really made the difference – and set these cabins head and shoulders above other glamping locations I’d visited. The small food and wine hamper in the ‘kitchen’ hut was also a lovely touch – and the usage of all the kitchen equipment was free of charge.

The location was so quiet and allowed for escapist adventures into nearby countryside – with wildlife areas and tracks to explore only a stone’s throw from the site. It was nearby to some beaches, and we ventured to Little Haven and the beautiful Swan Inn for a lovely meal. It was fantastic to know that we were getting back in the car not to drive back to a swanky hotel or an over-priced holiday cottage – but a small, family run, back to basics retreat with liberal attitudes and a wonderful atmosphere.

The beds were cosy, comfortable and warm. This isn’t camping – the blankets are provided and the mattresses are soft and welcoming. The cabins were sparse but very tastefully and thoughtfully decorated inside and out, with little artistic and creative touches setting the cabins apart. I would definitely recommend a stay here, and if not here, then somewhere you can experience the back to basics, welcoming and cosy approach these cabins provide. Whatever the weather, it’s a fantastic experience and unlike anything else in the camping world.

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  1. Jonathan Look, Jr.

    Wales is to me one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I am not as into camping as I once was but I definitely could get into something like this for a while!

  2. Liz @ Tropical Africa

    Wow, this sounds amazing! I’m not the biggest fan of camping, but I think glamping is something I could get along just fine with 😀

  3. Kate

    I would love to go to Wales – I’ve never been and have heard it is beautiful. Staying in one of those cabins would definitely make it a holiday to remember! Thanks for the lovely photos :)Great website too, keep up the good work!

  4. Richard Thompson

    This looks amazing! Just found your blog, and your pictures are fantastic. Anyway, this looks like a kind of camping that pretty much everyone would enjoy. Finding unique places to stay on your travels can add so much to a normal vacation! Thanks for sharing.

    • aworldtotravel

      Thanks for stopping by, Richard! You are right, those cabins look really comfy and cozy!

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