Nordic Bloggers Experience Videos

Last week I visited Finland for the third time thanks to an awesome project, #NBEFinland. Here are the Nordic Bloggers Experience videos I helped to produce along with many other talented travel bloggers coming from all over the world.

In them, you will have a glimpse of what to expect if you visit this country in Winter. Turku, Stockholm, Åland, Porvoo, Hämeenlinna, Rovaniemi, Helsinki, Inari-Saariselkä and Enontekiö, as well as the Matka travel fair held in Helsinki every January, are featured here. 


Becki, Borders of Adventure
Tawny & Clark, Captain and Clark 
Marcela, Fotostrasse
Sabina, Girl vs. Globe 
Marinella, Kaukokaipuu
Peter, Travel Unmasked
Mark & Alex, Vagabrothers
Martijn, we12travel

and me!
Marinella, Kaukokaipuu


Disclaimer: Although I was invited and selected along with other international travel bloggers to attend Helsinki’s Matka trade fair for the 2nd year in a row and tour the Turku region, all opinions are my own. Anyway, trust me: it’s not difficult at all to just fall for Finland and its people in January! So thank you Inna-Pirjetta and Sebastian Canaves for putting all together and Visit Finland, Visit Helsinki and Visit Turku for letting us in for a few days in that winter wonderland of yours!

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