Defy the Snow: Explore Canada’s Wild Winterlands

Dramatic skies at Newfoundland and Labrador – Vacation in the wild, snowy places of Canada

If you want a good winter vacation in wild places, don’t hesitate to choose Canada. Many popular travel destinations on its territory will allow you to brave the frost and snow. To have a great time, you must prepare for your trip correctly, find a list of must-see locations, and study your chosen destination in detail.

All this is not as simple as it initially seems, so let’s put together an ideal vacation option in Canada’s wild, snowy places using the example of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The latter is one of the most popular winter travel destinations, so you must visit it at least once.

Preparing for vacation

Spending a weekend, a ski season, or a long winter vacation in Canada’s wild, snowy places is only possible if you have carefully prepared for it. In this case, you will be ready for any unpleasant surprises and will be able to have a great time. Preparation includes several stages. The first is necessary to plan the movement route and various related actions. Whether you plan on hiking, skiing or snowmobiling, you need to know exactly where to go and where to find the best wilderness areas of your chosen travel destination.

After the route has been thought out, it is necessary to provide all participants on the trip with reliable protection from the cold. In snowy places like Newfoundland and Labrador, the air temperature can drop to deficient levels, so you will need warm clothes. It should be multi-layered and able to protect you from severe frost. Another essential characteristic of clothing is its weight. The smaller it is, the better.

The next thing to do is to choose the right shoes for recreation in the snowy places of Canada. It should have high-quality insulation that can protect your feet from exposure to low temperatures. In addition, you should choose high shoes that will allow you to move through the snow without fear of getting inside. You also need to ensure that your boots or shoes have non-slip soles. Its presence will give you a better grip on ice and snow-covered surfaces, reducing the likelihood of falls and various injuries.

Don’t forget about protecting your head and eyes. For the first, some kind of warm hat is suitable, and for the second, sunglasses (they will protect the organs of vision from exposure to bright sunlight, which will be reflected from snow and ice).

An important preparatory step before traveling to Newfoundland and Labrador or another wild, snowy place in Canada will be the choice of safety equipment. First, you should collect the medications your doctor recommends and everything you need to provide first aid. One day, it will save your life.

In addition, it is essential to properly prepare for possible encounters with dangerous wild animals (for example, large predators). For such cases, you should purchase some weapon (if it is allowed to be used in the places you are going) or choose a more peaceful alternative (for example, special repellers for different living creatures).

In all provinces of Canada, winter weather can be unpredictable. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study weather forecasters’ forecasts and prepare for sudden snow storms, strong gusts of wind, and other troubles. This is especially important in cases where you plan to vacation in wild, snowy places, where you can expect various natural surprises even in average weather. Also, always have a communication device with you that can be used to call rescuers for help.

Going on vacation to Newfoundland and Labrador or other wild, snowy places in Canada is best by car. It will allow you to transport all the required equipment (skis, snowshoes, etc.), snowmobiles, spare clothes, and essentials. In addition, a car can be an ideal place to sleep and shelter from a snowstorm or powerful winds.

Introducing Newfoundland and Labrador

For people who love wild, snowy places, one of the most popular travel destinations is Newfoundland and Labrador. This province is on the eastern edge of Canada. It includes the island of Newfoundland and part of the Labrador Peninsula, bordering the province of Quebec.

On their territory, you can find many wild places where there is almost always much snow in winter. Their varied topography distinguishes the Labrador Peninsula and Newfoundland Island. There are mountains and plains here, which can be an ideal place for a holiday.

Most of the province’s territory belongs to the Subarctic zone. That’s why it never gets hot here, even in summer. In winter, the territory of Newfoundland and Labrador is covered with a thick layer of snow, which, due to constant sub-zero temperatures, does not subside for several months. In such harsh conditions, coniferous trees become the primary type of vegetation. They grow in huge quantities and form magnificent forests.

Low temperatures in winter and abundant snow also affect the diversity of species of living creatures. Hoofed animals accustomed to cold weather (for example, moose), bears, and other mammals live here. The province is also home to many bird species.

The province’s best wild, snowy destinations

There’s always something to do for winter adventurers in Newfoundland and Labrador. There are many wild, snow-covered places in this region where everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature, ski and snowmobile, learn a lot about Canada, and have a good time with loved ones. We offer our top 5 locations in the famous Canadian province and discuss the nuances of preparation that will help you have an ideal winter holiday.

Gros Morne National Park

Many people brave the frost and snow in Gros Morne National Park. This place is the most amazing in Newfoundland and throughout the country. It is open to the public 365 days a year, which is rare in Canada. Most travelers who want to enjoy their holidays come here in the summer, spring and autumn, so in winter, Gros Morne turns into a wild, snow-covered location, ideal for relaxing alone with nature.

During the cold season, the entire territory of the national park is covered with snow. This creates perfect conditions for travelers who enjoy skiing and snowmobiling. Especially for them, more than 50 km of well-prepared trails have been laid in Gros Morne, covering every meter, which will be a challenging but enjoyable experience. In addition, the national park has several dozen places suitable for skiing on snow untouched by humans.

Gros Morne has many natural attractions, and 24 hours is not enough to visit them. In this regard, you must take everything you need to stay for several days. To spend the night on the national park territory, you are allowed to set up a winter camp, so you don’t even have to return to the route’s starting point every day and re-cover the previously covered kilometers in the morning.

Particular attention should be paid to safety when hiking or skiing, as the Gros Morne area is home to many wild animals. Some can become a problem for humans, so you should always carefully inspect your surroundings. Among the peaceful local inhabitants during the trip, you can meet squirrels, hares, arctic foxes, and various ungulate mammals.

For a holiday in Gros Morne, you will need warm clothes. Although winters in the national park have become warmer in recent years, air temperatures in these areas can periodically drop to deficient levels. Even if you plan to go skiing, you don’t need to give up the warmest possible wardrobe option. Its use will slightly hinder your movements but prevent you from getting frostbite or other troubles.

Don’t forget that during your holiday, you will want to take pictures or videos of the magnificent winter landscapes of Gros Morne. Therefore, do not forget to put your camera in your backpack when preparing for your trip.

Corner Brook caverns

A well-known city among tourists in the western part of the island of Newfoundland, it attracts the attention of lovers of a quiet and comfortable holiday. In the warm season, people enjoy the natural beauty and try local culinary delights, and in winter, they go to the famous Marble Mountain ski resort.

It offers a vast selection of entertainment and allows every family member to ride on steep, gentle slopes to their heart’s content. However, the most exciting vacation awaits people who choose a winter trip to various wild places near Corner Brook. There, stunning snowy landscapes and crystal clear air await everyone.

One of Corner Brook’s most famous locations is the local caves. They combine into complex labyrinths, turning a leisurely hike into the most exciting activity. The ideal time to explore this place is winter. During this period of the year, an ice crust appears on the stalactites and stalagmites, which reflects the light of the lanterns and creates incredible beauty inside the cave. Of course, this place is cold even in summer.

Therefore, if you plan to visit caves in winter, you need to pay maximum attention to choosing clothes and shoes. You should also try to protect all exposed body areas that could get frostbite.

The goal of your trip should be not only the Corner Brook caverns but also the wildlife surrounding them. It often gives vacationers even more positive emotions than if they were in a popular location. Many animals and birds are in the vicinity of the caves, most of which do not pose a danger to humans. All of them are often encountered by travelers so you may be lucky, too. Due to the abundance of snow, it is best to get to these places on skis. Snowmobiles are also permitted in some cases.

Skiing and snowmobiling trails

The province of Newfoundland and Labrador is an ideal place for skiing and snowmobiling. It is famous among residents, Canadians from other regions of the country, and foreigners. The most significant number of trails suitable for skiing are located in Newfoundland.

There are dozens of routes with a total length of at least 5,000 km. Besides them, there are countless places where everyone can ride away from the trails provided to tourists. Most of these locations are located on the outskirts of the island. There are also similar places in Labrador.

For fun and safe snowmobiling, you will need a variety of protective elements. They should be worn over clothing even if this creates some discomfort. It is also essential to use navigators so as not to stray from the pre-selected route and to have an adequate fuel supply.

Of course, the ideal option would be to ride new snowmobiles. However, many should look for alternative options due to their high cost. Buying used models at the snow mobile salvage auction is the best way. There you will find the optimal model by your preferences and financial capabilities.

All famous skiing routes are located in the most picturesque places in the province. This allows you to exercise and enjoy beautiful winter scenery simultaneously. However, you must be extremely careful and not neglect basic safety rules. This is especially true when you ride away from cities. If you do not take precautions, you can get injured, forcing you to wait for help in the cold.

Terra Nova National Park

Anyone who wants to visit truly wild, snowy places in Canada should go to Terra Nova National Park. It is located in the northeastern part of the province and covers an area of 400 square meters. Km. The main feature of this location is the diversity of the landscape. Hills and plains are equally common here so everyone can find the ideal place for an active holiday.

In winter, the national park is covered with thick snow. Thanks to sub-zero temperatures, which can last until the beginning of April, it does not melt and creates stunning natural landscapes.

When going to Terra Nova, always dress as warmly as possible. This is necessary because, in flat areas, you will be exposed to cold winds and severe frost. If you choose the wrong clothing, this combination will quickly lead to frostbite.

Another danger that awaits travelers who brave the frost and snow is wild animals. In winter, you don’t come across them as often as in summer or spring, but you shouldn’t discount the option of suddenly meeting them.

Winter camping is permitted on Terra Nova territory. If you’re heading out to explore Newfoundland and Labrador, this is the best option for an overnight stay. Snowshoeing and skiing are also popular activities here. In most cases, you will not find prepared trails, so you must build a route yourself.

The positive thing about this is the absence of many vacationers, thanks to which you can feel like you are in a truly wild place. At the same time, the lack of pre-prepared routes will create additional difficulties and require increased safety measures.

Torngat Mountains National Park

Among the top locations on the Labrador Peninsula is the Torngat Mountains. This reserve was founded only a couple of decades ago but has already managed to please the majority of Canadians and tourists coming to the country. It covers an area of 9700 sq. km and, according to this indicator, is one of the largest in Canada.

The Torngat Mountains are best visited in winter. To do this, you must obtain permission from park representatives and carefully prepare for the trip. This is the only way to legally visit a corner of wild nature remote from civilization and avoid many potential problems associated with cold and snow.

Torngat Mountains offers all visitors a vast choice of entertainment. Despite the severe frosts, you can engage in mountain climbing, watch animals and birds, spend the night in the open air, and admire the beauty of the starry sky.

Anyone who dares to come to the national park can also walk along snow-covered trails and take lots of really cool photos. Of course, you will need everything for the hike during the trip. Selected essential items will have to be carried in a backpack since the use of any transport is prohibited here.

When walking through the national park, you must be as careful as possible. Otherwise, a stone hidden under the snow or a broken tree branch can cause serious injury, resulting in negative consequences.

Also, do not forget about the cold and strong winds periodically observed during winter. If you can successfully overcome all the difficulties, you will feel the majesty of wild nature, breathe in fresh air and get a lot of positive emotions.

Winter holidays in the wild, snowy places of Canada are a real adventure for people who want to test their strength. When you travel to places like Newfoundland and Labrador, you can enjoy the beauty of nature, ski, and snowmobile, and brave the cold and snow. You will get great pleasure from such a trip and will not forget the time spent for the rest of your life.